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Folk Plays - Winter 2004/2005 - Ashley's Rise Morris

John Clifford

Mumming at the Colston Hall, Bristol, England, 20th December 2004

Ashley's Rise Morris, The Dragon Knight is boasting
The Dragon Knight is boasting

Kim Woodward with the melodeon, then St George (Jasmine Smart), King of Egypt's daughter (Victoria Smart), Dragon Knight a.k.a. Bold Slasher (Thomas Osborne). On this occasion the girl with the plaits was Presenter (Chloe Gwatkin), the one holding the "Boo" sign was Little John (Rosa Bamford), the one holding the "Cheer" sign was Flap Jack (Asha Gwatkin) - this is a team name. We have a cook called John and the team likes his flap jack. You can't see the doctor but he wore a black rag shirt and a top hat with a silk scarf around it (like an undertaker) and was played by David Smart. The others are 'members of the cast', Alys Fletcher and Ellie Forbes.

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