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Folk Plays - Winter 2001/2002 - Foresters' Plough Play, Nottingham

John Frearson and Peter Millington

Plough Play performed by the Foresters Morris Men, Nottingham, England, January 2002

Foresters' Plough Play, Nottingham, The Final Song, Orston
The final song on the 12th Jan.2002 at The Durham Ox, Orston, Nottinghamshire, England
Left to right: Recruiting Sergeant, Dame Jane, Farmer's Man, Doctor, Beelzebub, Lady and Opening Man. (Photo: John Frearson)
Foresters' Plough Play, Nottingham, The Doctor
The Doctor enters - 13th Jan.2002 in the caves at the Brewhouse Yard Museum, Nottingham, England
Left to right: Farmer's Man, Recruiting Sergeant, Beelzebub, Opening Man, Dame Jane and Doctor. (Photo: Peter Millington)

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