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Folk Plays - Winter 2004/2005 - Leominster Morris

Jo Lee

Leominster Morris performing their play on the 6th Jan.2005 at a Wassail in local orchards, Herefordshire, England

Leominster Morris, The Doctor meets Jack Dout the Fool
The Doctor meets Jack Dout the Fool
Left to right: Hob-of-the-Hops (in sacking), St.George, The Doctor with his 'horse', Poor-and-Mean, Little Johhny Jack (with melodeon), Beelzebub, and Jack Dout.

The Leominster Morris are a traditional Welsh Border Morris side who maintain the local tradition of Wassail (blessing the cider apple orchards with an ancient bonfire ceremony), part of which is a Mummers play. We always do this on January 6th, and the play is done at a nearby pub. There is always a torchlit procession from pub to orchard.

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