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Miscellaneous Folk Play Pictures

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Scunthorpe Plough Jags

Scunthorpe Plough Jags, Photographed sometime 1904-1913

Original photograph held by the North Lincolnshire Museum.

Dent Pace-Eggers, Cumbria

Dent Pace-Eggers, Cumbria, 1920s, Pace Eggers Dent Pace-Eggers, Cumbria, 1920s, Pace Eggers at the Fountain, Dent

Undated photographs, courtesy of Stuart Manger, that may have been taken in the 1920s

Darlington Mummers c.1967

Darlington Mummers c.1967, Group Photo

Darlington Mummers were one of the first revivalist sides and were started by Tony Foxworthy who also started Darlington Folk Workshop in the Golden Cock, Tubwell Row, Darlington, County Durham, England

Brinsley Guysers 1971

Brinsley Guysers 1971, Group Photo Brinsley Guysers 1971, Saint George and Beelzebub fight Brinsley Guysers 1971, Doctor cures Beelzebub Brinsley Guysers 1971, Finishing Song

Christmas 1971 at The Yew Tree, Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, England

Underwood Guysers 1994

Underwood Guysers 1994, Performing at the Brewhouse Yard Museum, Nottingham, 1994.

Revival by pensioners who performed the traditional play as children in the 1940s

Ryton Mummers, Warwickshire 2002

Ryton Mummers, Warwickshire 2002, Outside The Malt Shovel, Bubbenhall, Warwickshire Ryton Mummers, Warwickshire 2002, Outside The Three Horseshoes, Bubbenhall, Warwickshire Ryton Mummers, Warwickshire 2002, Father Christmas' broom dance at The Oak, Baginton

Participants: Dave Wintle (Father Christmas/Beelzebub); Joe Oldaker (King George); Tony Ashley (Bold Slasher); John Hathaway (Doctor Good); William Wintle (Jack); Steve Howlett (Fiddler Wit); Tom Wintle (Johnny Jack).

Thameside Mummers 2004

The Thameside Mummers' Tup, The Thameside Mummers' "Derby Tup"

The Thameside Mummers (Founded Christmas, 1971), performing the Harthill, Derbyshire mummers' play at the Faversham Hop Festival, Kent, 4th September 2004

Tristan da Cunha Okalolies 2006

Tristan da Cunha Okalolies, The Okalolies approach up the steps of the Residency Garden. Tristan da Cunha Okalolies, A close-up - no wonder the kids are scared! Tristan da Cunha Okalolies, A group photo, with the volcano brooding in the background.

The Okalolies of Tristan da Cunha, Old Year's Night 2006/07

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