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Folk Plays - Winter 2002/2003 - Potterne Mummers

Christine Owen

Potterne Mummers photographed outside The George and Dragon, Potterne, Devizes, Wiltshire, England, 24th December 2002

Potterne Mummers, Group Photograph
Group Photograph
Left to Right: Father Christmas (Brian German), King George (Rod Hopgood), Turkey Snipe (Karel Bechler), Spanish Doctor (Bob Berry), Old Almanac (Mick Hiscock), Valiant Solder (Nigel Owen), and Little Man Jack (Eric Partridge)

The Potterne play was revived in 1953 by a local schoolteacher, Bernard Baker, and has been kept going by Mick Hiscock, The Moonraker Morris, and others since. We usually go out on four or five nights in the week before Christmas, visiting between two and four local pubs each night, either in Devizes, or the surrounding villages. We always finish on Christmas Eve, at around 9pm, in the George and Dragon, currently the only pub in the village of Potterne (The Bell closed soon after our appearance there in 2000).

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