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Folk Plays - Winter 2004/2005 - Potterne Mummers

Pete Pike

Potterne Mummers, Wiltshire, England, Christmas 2004

Potterne Mummers, Presenting the collection for Wiltshire Air Ambulance
Presenting the collection for Wiltshire Air Ambulance
Left to Right: Karel Bechler (Turkey Snipe), Brian German (Father Christmas), Nigel Owen (Valiant Soldier), Dr Riseley-Pritchard, Bob Berry (Spanish Doctor), Ron Harries (King George), and Mick Hiscock (Little Man Jack).

The Potterne Mummers present a cheque for £1,000 raised towards the Wiltshire Air Ambulance to Dr Riseley-Pritchard. The presentation, together with a highly unusual out-of-season performance of the Potterne Mummers Christmas Play, took place at the Wiltshire Traditions Folk Club, Lamb Inn, Devizes, on Monday, 7th February 2005.

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