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Guidance for Contributors

Photographs Wanted

Old Archival Pictures

Such pictures often complement descriptions of costumes and performers.

Home Page Picture Suggestions

The picture on the Folk Play Home Page is changed from time to time. Although the picture is often drawn from articles in Traditional Drama Forum or a recent seasonal picture gallery, we also encourage submissions of images from other websites. Full acknowledgement is given, and a hyperlink is provided to the original source website. We give preference to images of traditional performers and long-standing revival groups. Home Page pictures must be in landscape format.

Sending Images

Please send photographs by email as file attachments to the webmaster. It would be appreciated if you would send a preliminary message first, warning of your submission, so that your attachments are not mistaken for computer viruses!

Captions & Credits

Submissions should include the following information:
  • Name of the Group
  • Name of the Photographer
  • Name of the Copyright Holder - if it is not the Photographer
  • Place of performance
  • Date photographed, or the copyright date
  • A short caption (no more than 20 words) explaining what is happening in the photograph
  • A list (left to right, front to back) of the characters and/or actors shown in the photograph
  • Website address for the group and/or for further pictures - if available
  • Any additional information that may be helpful.
We reserve the right to edit captions as necesary.

Image File Formats

We accept photographs in all the main image file formats, although we prefer *.jpg files. Ideally, each file should be no more than 200kB in size.
All images are processed before appearing on the website. This is usually just resizing, but may involving cropping for best effect.


Copyright remains with the original photographer or copyright holder, whose name we normally display on the relevant picture page. If you are not the copyright holder please send evidence of their permission for us to use their picture on www.folkplay.info.


Please contact the webmaster if you have any queries.

The recommended URL for this web page is www.folkplay.info/Gallery/Submissions.htm