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Folk Plays - Winter 2004/2005 - Sullivan's Sword

Alistair Bloomfield

Sullivan's Sword at The Plough Inn, Radford, Nottingham, England, 10th Jan.2005

Sullivan's Sword, Group Photo
Group Photo
Left to right, back: Little Devil Doubt (Dave Williams, Landlord of The Plough Inn), Beelzebub (Nigel Metcalfe), (Alistair Bloomfield), Doctor (Brian Hobby), (John Larwood), Tom Fool (Idwal Jones), Lady (David Dunford). Front: Recruiting Sergeant (Chris Morris), Farmerís Man (Brian Howes)

Sullivanís Sword ("The Owd ĎOss Mummers") pictured after a performance of the Farnsfield Plough Play to celebrate Plough Monday

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