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Thameside Mummers 2004

Brian Martin

The Thameside Mummers (Founded Christmas, 1971), performing the Harthill, Derbyshire mummers' play at the Faversham Hop Festival, Kent, 4th September 2004

The Thameside Mummers' Tup, The Thameside Mummers' "Derby Tup"
The Thameside Mummers' "Derby Tup" as used in their performance of the Harthill mummers' play (Derbyshire)

The "Animal" stands some 10 feet high when 'extended'. The "Tup" is a genuine Ram's skull sent to us by a man who saw us 'in action' some 18 months ago and realised he had it in his garage. At the time, our old "Tup" was showing signs of age and abuse/misuse. Jack Vaughan cleaned it up and mounted it on a pole, complete with a hinged jaw and 'tongue' and the 'body' was made up by his sister, Jill Pring, who is a superb, professional seamstress.

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