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Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.

There is a vibrant folk play tradition in the Caribbean, centred on the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. There is a large repertoire of different plays to be found here as part of the 'Christmas Sports'. One of these - the Mummies' play - is similar to the British & Irish Mummers' plays, the Caribbean text having been derived from the composite version published by Juliana Horatia Ewing in the 19th century.


001 * Annotated Bibliography of Folk Plays in the Anglophone Caribbean [comp. by Drs Joan M. Fayer & Joan F. McMurray]


002 * Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society [2000 performance. Act I Scene 5 consists of "A Christmas Mumming: The Play of Prince George"]
003 * Bermuda Traditions and their sources [by Keith Archibald Forbes - Gombey Dancers]

Dominican Republic

004 * The Caribbean: Island Songs and Dances [CD for sale: Track 18 - 'Mummies']


005 * Centuries old tradition in positive revival [in Guyana Chronicle, 31st Dec. 2000 - Masquerade Bands]


006 * A History of Jamaica [by W.J. Gardner, 1873, p.385 - John Canoe parties, period from 1782 to 1838]
007 * Pieces of the Past : Christmas A Come [in Jamaica Gleaner, 10th Dec. 2001 - Jonkonnu Bands]

St. Kitts and Nevis

008 * Christmas Sports in St Kitts-Nevis ... two customs observed [by Peter Bearon & Alison Whitaker, in Musical Traditions, No.12, Summer 1994 - I: as Mystery Plays in the West Indies, by Dorothy Harding, in Wide World Magazine, Vol.VII No.38, May 1901 / II: Christmas Sports observed - Christmas, 1991]
009 * It's Carnival in SKB! by Suelika N. Buchanan [Report of Carnival in St.Kitts on the 30th Dec. 2004. Includes photos of 'The Bull Play', Moco Jumbies, and Sylvester's Maquerades]
010 * More Correspondence : Caribbean Mumming [citation of Ron Shuttleworth, in The [Morris Ring] Circular, No.37, Spring 2001, p.18 - citation of Folklore, 1996, pp.77-89]
011 * Mystery Plays in the West Indies [by Dorothy Harding, in Wide World Magazine, Vol.VII No.38, May 1901, pp.189-191]
012 * Roun1731 - Caribbean Voyage: Nevis & St. Kitts: Tea Meetings, Christmas Sports, & the Moonlight Night [CD for sale: Track ?]
013 * St. Kitts Tourism Authority [Photo and brief description of the Bull play.]
014 * The Bull Play of St Kitts: The "Cowhead" Figure in West African Cultural Traditions [citation of Creighton Pencheon, at St Kitts and Nevis Country Conference, May 2000]
015 * Triennial Program Committee [in ACASA Newsletter, Vol.59 Dec. 2000, p.11 - citation of Mumming in St. Kitts-Nevis: Influence of English Mummers' Folk Plays, by Joan F. McMurray, at ACASA Triennial Symposium, St Thomas, Virgin Islands]

Virgin Islands

016 * Zoop! Zoop! Zoop! [CD for sale: Track 26 - 'King George Play']

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