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Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Albion Band [Sometime performers of mummers play - See:]
002 * City Waites [A professional folk music group, with a mumming play repertoire item entitled 'Welcome my Lord Sire Christemas!']
003 * Magpie Lane [Sometime performers of mummers play - See:]
004 * Mellstock Band [Sometime performers of mummers play]
005 * Mummers Plays of England ~ Wessex [DVD for sale: Video of six groups]
006 * Peter Knight [member of Steeleye Span] [Photo of Steeleye Span]
007 * The Complete Steeleye Span [by Robin Denselow, 1978 - sometimes performed mummers play]
008 * York City Levy [Sometime performers of mummers play]


009 * A Book of Dragons [?th printing of The Hamish Hamilton Book of Dragons] [citation of ed. Roger Lancelyn Green, 1976 - 'The Mummers' Play' - Thame text from Notes and Queries, 5th Ser. Vol.II No.52, 26th Dec. 1874, pp.503-505]
010 * A Collection of English Miracle-Plays or Mysteries; [by William Marriott, 1838, pp.xxxiv-xxxviii - citation of [S.A. Dunham ?]; citation of Collier; extract from Sandys]
011 * A Handbook to the Stratford-upon-Avon Festival [by the Shakespeare Memorial Council, 1913, pp.116-117 - 'The Stratford-upon-Avon Vacation School of Folk Song and Dance', by Cecil J. Sharp - 'The Sword Dance']
012 * British Theatre [by An Englishman [Owen Williams], 1828, p.783fn - [unlocated] fragment]
013 * Christmas [by J.A. S., in Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, New Ser. Vol.VIII No.26 [Vol.XLVI No.1298], 27th Dec. 1845, p.408 - Literary Work]
014 * Christmas Carols: Waits: Guisers [by J.Holden MacMichael, in Notes and Queries, 10th Ser. Vol.III No.54, 7th Jan. 1905, p.10 - (citation of Antiquities [], by Brand, rev. by Ellis, 1853, Vol.I p.466;) (Mid-Winter Customs in the North, by Edward Garrett, in The Osborne, Vol.I No.2, Dec. 1896, pp.62-65)]
015 * Christmas Comforts [by [Anon], in The Circulator, Vol.1 No.1, Jan. 1825, p.4]
016 * Christmas Comforts [by S.P. C., in Lady's Magazine, New Ser. Vol.VI No.-, Dec. 1825, p.729 - as above]
017 * Christmas Comforts and Characteristics [by J.F. Stuart [Rector of Lower Gravenhurst ?], in European Magazine, and London Review, Vol.87 No.[1], Jan. 1825, p.30]
018 * Christmas Customs and their Origins [in Nature, Vol.122 No.3086, 22nd Dec. 1928, pp.964-967 - Subscription required]
019 * Christmas in the Streets [by Jack Easel [Charles Locke Eastlake], in London Society, Vol.VI, 1864, Christmas No. p.76]
020 * Christmas Mummeries and Gambols [by [Anon], in The Portfolio, Vol.II No.32, 23rd Dec. 1826, pp.60-61]
021 * Christmas Mummeries and Gambols [by [Anon][William Clarke], in The Cigar, Vol.I, 1828, pp.231-232 - as above; 233-237 - fragments]
022 * Christmas Mummers [citation of A. Hunt, in Illustrated London News, Vol.XXXIX No.1123 [Christmas Supplement], 21st Dec. 1861, pp.636, 639 - illustration]
023 * Christmas Mummers [by Gomme, in Nature, Vol.57 No.1469, 23rd Dec. 1897, pp.175-177 - Subscription required]
024 * Christmas Mummers [by Albert E. Briggs [Curate of Newbold-on-Stour], in Notes and Queries, 7th Ser. Vol.X No.245, 6th Sep. 1890, p.200]
025 * Christmas Mummers in the Olden Time [sic] [citation of J.W. P. [E.H. Corbould ?], in Illustrated London News, Vol.XLIX No.1405 [Christmas Supplement], 22nd Dec. 1866 - illustration]
026 * Christmas Mumming Play [by Prof Joseph C. Bridge, in Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London, 2nd Ser. Vol.XXIV, 29th Feb. 1912, pp.121-122]
027 * Christmas: his Pageant Play, or Mysterie, of "St George"; [by Henry Slight, in The Archaeologist, and Journal of Antiquarian Science, Vol.I No.4, Dec. 1841, pp.176-183 - compiled and collated text [- as his book, 1836]]
028 * Dictionary of Faiths and Folklore - Beliefs, Superstitions & Popular Customs [extract from W.C. Hazlitt, 1905 - entries for 'Christmas Mummers' and 'Mumming']
029 * Driving 'Fool Plough' through the streets, and The Mummers [citation of Muriel Broderick, in Illustrated London News, Christmas 1938 - illustration]
030 * Gossip of an Antiquary [by The Editor [Rev P.H. Ditchfield], in Berks, Bucks & Oxon Archaeological Journal, Vol.5 No.1, Apr. 1899, p.2]
031 * Gossip of an Antiquary [by The Editor [Rev P.H. Ditchfield], in Berks, Bucks & Oxon Archaeological Journal, Vol.8 No.4, Jan. 1903, pp.97-98]
032 * Joannis Lelandi Antiquarii de Rebus Britannicis Collectanea [ed. by Thomas Hearne, Vol.1, 1715, p.LXXV - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]
033 * Memoirs of his Own Life [by Tate Wilkinson, Vol.II, 1790, p.253]
034 * Mummers [index to Keir Foss, in Isle of Wight Family History Society : Journal, No.58, Aug. 2000, p.19 - Only general summary of mummers; nothing specific]
035 * Mummers [by E.H. Binney, in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.IX No.221, 22nd Mar. 1902, p.237 - citations of 2nd Ser. Vol.X, p.464; 2nd Ser. Vol.XII, pp.487, 493; 4th Ser. Vol.X, p.487; 5th Ser. Vol.II, p.505; 5th Ser. Vol.IV, p.511; 5th Ser. Vol.X, pp.484, 489; Folk-Lore Record, 1881; Folk-Lore Journal, 1884; Burne; 9th Ser. Vol.VII, p.322]
036 * Mummers [by H. W., in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.IX No.214, 1st Feb. 1902, p.87 - citations of 2nd Ser. Vol.X, p.466; 2nd Ser. Vol.XI, p.271; Brand; Gomme]
037 * Notes to Shakespeare : Vol.I : Comedies [by Samuel Johnson, ed. by Sherbo, 1956 - "Vice was the fool of the old moralities. Some traces of this character are still preserved in puppet-shows, and by country mummers."]
038 * Old Father Christmas [by [Anon], in London Saturday Journal, Vol.II No.LI, 21st Dec. 1839, pp.399-400 - village [unlocated] "Christmas Boys" text, in my school-days; observation that customs benign in a rural population but malign in an urban population]
039 * On Some Lost Papers [by H., in Gentleman's Magazine, Entirely New Ser. Vol.I, Jun.-Nov. 1868 [Sep.], pp.540-541]
040 * Pease Eggers" [by Killigrew [Col W.R. Lluellyn], in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.III No.70, 29th Apr. 1899, p.334 - citation of Notes and Queries, 5th Ser. Vol.V [sic] p.96; citation of The Peace Egg, by Ewing]
041 * Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales: A sequel to the Nursery Rhymes of England [by James Orchard Halliwell, 1849, pp.231-236 - 'Christmas Mummers' Play']
042 * Popular Year Book [in Sharpe's London Magazine, Vol.I No.10, 3rd Jan. 1846, pp.151-154]
043 * Review of "Some Ancient Christmas Carols," [2nd edition] coll. by Davies Gilbert [by [William Jerdan with assistance], in Literary Gazette,, No.367, 31st Jan. 1824, p.70]
044 * Short Notes and Correspondence [by P.H. Ditchfield, in The Antiquary:, Vol.XXXI No.?, Jan. 1895, p.96 - collecting [for his Old English Customs Extant at the Present Time, 1896]]
045 * Sketch for a History of English Wit [by A.B.C. [pseud], in The Satirist, or Monthly Meteor, Vol.II, Jul. 1808, p.453 - "toiling through musty folios, tracing the old English mummers in their progresses," - Subscription required for Gale: The Making of the Modern World]
046 * Some Borrowed Fun [by [Anon], in Punch, Vol.III, 1842, p.187]
047 * Something for Everybody; and A Garland for the Year [2nd edition, revised and corrected, only ?] [by John Timbs, 1866, pp.(115-116 - 'All Souls' Day' - paraphrasing;) 130-131 - 'Christmas Eve' - paraphrasing; 145-146 - 'Christmas Customs' - paraphrasing]
048 * St George Mumming Play [by F.Gordon Brown, in Notes and Queries, 12th Ser. Vol.I No.17, 22nd Apr. 1916, p.327]
049 * St George or Mummersí Plays [by Gordon Crosse, in Notes and Queries, 11th Ser. Vol.VII No.165, 22nd Feb. 1913, p.150 - photographs or drawings [for his The Religious Drama, 1913] - see below]
050 * Syr Gawayne; A Collection of Ancient Romance-Poems, [by Sir Frederic Madden [born at Portsmouth], 1839, p.310 - 'Notes' - citation of (Gilbert; MacTaggart; Christmas Drama of St. George, by W. S. [William Sandys], in Gentleman's Magazine; & Historical Chronicle, Vol.C Pt.1:Jun (New Ser Vol.23), Jan.-Jun. 1830, pp.505-506; Hone; Sandys;) copy owned of [Christmas: his Pageant Play, or Mysterie, of "St George";, by Henry Slight,] 1836]
051 * The Ancient and Original Mummery of St. George & the Turkish Knight [in Little Folks, New Ser. Vol.9, 1879, pp.39-40 - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century UK Periodicals]
052 * The Day Before Yesterday [by Richard Middleton, 1912, p.73 - 'Carol Singers' - "five years back we saw them ourselves and were satisfield that they had learnt their rather obscure rhymes from their fathers before them, and not from any well-meaning society for faking old customs." - mummers at [unlocated]]
053 * The Interpreter of Words and Terms, [ed. by [Rev White Kennett], 1701 - entry for 'Mommyng' - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]
054 * The Lawfulness and Right Manner of Keeping Christmas: [by [Robert Watts], 1710, p.18 - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]
055 * The Life and Letters of Edward A. Freeman [by W.R.W. Stephens, 1895, Vol.II p.70 - like "Little Johnny Jack, with his wife and his children all on his back"]
056 * The Old Sports of England [1835, pp.98-99]
057 * The Original Works of William King, LL.D. [ed. by [John Nichols], Vol.I, 1776, p.179 - as Dialogues of the Dead, by [him], 1699, pp.78-79]
058 * The Poems and Letters of Thomas Gray : with Memoirs of his Life and Writings [by William Mason, 1820, pp.429fn-432fn - 'Mumming' subject heading of Horace Walpole Collection]
059 * The Religious Drama [by Gordon Crosse, 1913, pp.142-144 - no illustration]
060 * The Seven Champions of Christendome [by J. K. [John Kirke], 1638 - Subscription required for Chadwyck-Healey: Early English Books Online]
061 * The Statutes at Large [by Joseph Keeble, 1676, p.346 - 'Anno tertio Henrici octavi : Cap. IX']
062 * Time: The Refreshing River (Essays and Addresses, 1932-1942) [by Joseph Needham, 1943, pp.128-131]
063 * Twelfth Night; or, the Mystery of Wassailing, as performed by our Ancestors [by M., in European Magazine, and London Review, Vol.LVII No.[1], Jan. 1810, pp.25-26 - term was applied to "mummers"; on the borders of Wales, 1784]
064 * Waits and Mummers [by Este [Samuel Timmins], in Notes and Queries, 7th Ser. Vol.I No.3, 16th Jan. 1886, p.54 - citation of Birmingham Weekly Post]
065 * Waits and Mummers [by J.S. Udal, in Notes and Queries, 7th Ser. Vol.I No.9, 27th Feb. 1886, p.177 - citation of Christmas Mummers in Dorsetshire, by J.S. Udal, in Folk-Lore Record, Vol.III Pt.I, 1880, pp.87-116]
066 * Waits and Mummers [by W.F. Prideaux, in Notes and Queries, 7th Ser. Vol.I No.21, 22nd May 1886, p.415 - citation of Ancient Poems Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England, ed. by Robert Bell, 1857, pp.175-180; 180-183]
067 * Winter Festivities [in Saturday Night, Vol.I No.XXI, [?] 1824, p.328 - when the Mummers have perished "then shall I most seriously tremble, and most truly deem Doomsday to be near." - as New European Magazine]


Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.

068 * Green Branch [List with 1976 Summer; 1978 New Year; 1978 Summer; 1984 New Year; 1986 Summer performances]

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