Folk Play Links - Gloucestershire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * BBC West - Points West [Video of Fairford Mummers [no longer performing], 1977]
002 * BBC West - Points West [Video of Marshfield Mummers, 1967]
003 * Bisley Mummers [perform new texts; not Bisley text; programme]
004 * British Movietone [Video of Marshfield Mummers, 26th Dec. 1966 - Story No.91939]
005 * City of Gloucester Mummers (/ Gloucester Folk Club) [perform Gloucester text; photos; programme]
006 * Essex Folk News photo gallery [Photos of Marshfield Mummers]
007 * FF-1113 - Gloucester's Barton Fayre [DVD for sale: by Peter Kennedy - Video of City of Gloucester Mummers, 2004]
008 * FF-1119 - The Celebrated Paperboys [DVD for sale: by Peter Kennedy - Video of Marshfield Mummers, 2004]
009 * Folk Companions [photo]
010 * [Photos of City of Gloucester Mummers]
011 * Forest of Dean Morris Men
012 * FTX-104 - The Celebrated Marshfield Paperboys : Boxing Day Guisers [CD for sale: by Peter Kennedy, 1975 - Audio of Marshfield Mummers, 1957 + 1943]
013 * FW-8871 : Field Trip-England [CD for sale: Audio of Marshfield Mummers, 195?]
014 * Gloucestershire Morris Men Mummers [Also Dursley Morris Men [no longer performing] performed a text]
015 * Government Art Collection [Photo of Marshfield Mummers, 1977, by Homer Sykes]
016 * History Hunters - the Marshfield Paper Boys [From the British Channel 4 TV programme. - Archived]
017 * Lassington Oak Mummers / Lassington Oak Morris Men [perform Highnam text; photos; programme]
018 * Mary Evans Picture Library [Photo of Marshfield Mummers, old n.d.]
019 * Mum and Tuk
020 * Once a Year [extract from Homer Sykes, 1977, pp.154-155 - Photos of Marshfield Mummers]
021 * Ragged and Old [perform Minchinhampton text]
022 * Shakespeare Morris Men [perform (Bidford-on-Avon, Broadway,) Weston-sub-Edge & Snowshill texts; photos; programme]
023 * Stroud Morris Dancers
024 * Winterbourn Down Border Morrris [perform Winterbourne Down text; photos; programme; video]
025 * [Photo of Forest of Dean Morris Men]

Libraries & Archives

026 * A Woman's Place in the Village : An Oral History Study of Working Class Women's Lives between 1890 and 1940 in and around Broadway, Worcestershire [PhD thesis by Jean H. Sidenius, University of Warwick, ff.316-318, 327-328 - Snowshill seen at (Broadway &) Stanway House, Stanway - informed by Robert Hodge (f.418) - see also Cotswold Born n' Bred, by him, 1993; Snowshill seen at Cirencester House, Cirencester - informed by A. C. (f.409); extract from Labouring Life in the Victorian Countryside, by Horn, 1976, p.158; extract from A Cotswold Village, by Gibbs, 1914, p.89]
027 * C.J. Sharp Folk Dance Notes Vol 1 [Including Fool's lines from Chipping Campden, fol.93]
028 * Campden & District Historical and Archaeological Society : Archives [Ref. C3S2B73] [Photos of Chipping Campden Mummers, 1958]
029 * Images of Thornbury [image archive] [Photo of Thornbury Mummers, old n.d.]
030 * Peter Kennedy Collection [South Cerney text - informed by John [Campbell Duder] Harvey Webb [Macpherson][incidentally, mother's brother was Dr Cluny MacPherson], 1930s [- see also Alex Helm Collection [Ref. Vol.29 pp.88-99]]
031 * The Geneaology of the Cotswolds & Surrounds of England [Chedworth text from James Madison Carpenter Collection]
032 * The H.Hurlbutt Albino Folk Music Collection (1913-38) [citation of Elaine Bradtke, in Folk Music Journal, Vol.7 No.2, 1996, pp.207, 211, 213]


033 * A Cotswold Village [3rd edition] [by J.Arthur Gibbs, 1918, Chapter XVII - Ablington fragments]
034 * A Glossary of Dialect & Archaic Words used in the County of Gloucester [coll. & comp. by J.Drummond Robertson, ed. by Lord Moreton, 1890, pp.99, vii-ix - entry for 'Mumpers' [sic] - at Selsley - informed by Rev A.S. Page [Vicar of Selsley]]
035 * A History of Dancing [by Reginald St. Johnston, 1906, pp.41-42 - [Charlton Kings ?] seen at Leckhampton, 1888]
036 * A History of the County of Gloucester. Vol.11 [ed. by N.M. Herbert, 1976, p 90 - 'Sapperton', by W.J. Shiels - citation of The Mummers' Play, by R.J.E. Tiddy, 1923]
037 * Bernard Shaw: The Diaries 1885-1897 [Vol.II] [extract from Shaw, 1986, p.882 - at Kelmscott Manor, Kelmscott - see below]
038 * Christmas Customs [by J.B. Cowburn, in Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, Vol.II, 1884, pp.568-569 - at Tidenham]
039 * Christmas Mummers in Dorsetshire [by J.S. Udal, in Folk-Lore Record, Vol.III Pt.I, 1880, pp.87-116 - (extract from A Grammar and Glossary of the Dorset Dialect, by W. Barnes, in Transactions of the Philological Society, 1864, p.71 - entry for 'Mummers'; citation of Christmas Mummers in Dorsetshire, by J.S. Udal, in Notes and Queries, 5th Ser. Vol.II No.52, 26th Dec. 1874, p.505; [Symondsbury] text; south-west [Bridport ?] text; note by The Editor [?]: J.T. Micklethwaite possessed Walker Peace Egg chapbook for what is now Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection;) Dumbleton text for what is now Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection - informed by Miss [Eliza] Wedgwood [daughter of Rector of Dumbleton]; (at Minety, 1876 - informed by Nina Sharp [cousin of Vicar ]; at Acomb, a few years ago - informed by Nina Sharp; citation of Banks of the Boro: A Chronicle of the County of Wexford, by Patrick Kennedy, 1867, pp.226-232)]
040 * Christmas with the Gloucestershire Colliers [in Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper, New Ser. Vol.II No.49, 30th Dec. 1865, p.327 - at Kingswood]
041 * Drama in Gloucestershire [extract from Theodore Hannam-Clark, 1928, pp.147-150 - Quedgeley text]
042 * Ethnographic discrepancies in the aesthetic of the Marshfield Paper Boys' voice disguise [Book for sale: by Simon Lichman, in From Sign to Text : A Semiotic View of Communication, ed. by Yishai Tobin, 1989, pp.393-402]
043 * Jottings [by Edwin Ransford, [1863 ?], pp.37 - 'The Vocal Catalogue in Rhyme' - "The Mummers", 81 - 'Lines on my Native Village, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire' - Mummers fragment - Literary Work]
044 * Let us be Merry [CD for sale: by Puzzlejug - Track 13 - Audio of Sherborne Mummers' Song]
045 * Marshfield Mummers : The Old Time Paper Boys [Book for sale: by Mike Pearson, in Contemporary Theatres in Europe : A Critical Companion, eds. by Joe Kelleher & Nicholas Ridout, 2006, pp.136-148]
046 * Memoirs of a Social Atom [by W.E. Adams, 1903, pp.53, 51, 1 Vol.I - 'Yielding Place to The New' - as Newcastle Weekly Chronicle [he had been Editor], 1901-1902 - at Cheltenham, when I was a boy]
047 * Morris Dancing at Oddington, Gloucestershire [by Keith Chandler, in The Morris Dancer, Vol.3 No.8, (Jan.) 2001 - Mummers at Upper Oddington]
048 * Music in London 1890-94 [Reprinted Standard edition] [by Bernard Shaw, 1949, pp.218-219 - at [Kelmscott Manor, Kelmscott] - extract from The World, 4th Jan. 1893 - see above]
049 * On Certain Ancient Wiltshire Customs : 2 - The Mummers [by F.A. Carrington, in Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine,, Vol.I No.I, Mar. 1854, pp.(79-85 - at Wootton Rivers, a few years ago; at Avebury, 1852; Wiltshire composite text, about fifteen years ago - informed by his friend [Rev William Gifford Cookesley ?]; extract from Gilbert; extract from Hone; citation of Mumming, by [Anon], in Penny Magazine, Vol.VI No.364, 2nd Dec. 1837, pp.470-471 [sic];) Painswick fragment, 1853]
050 * Poems of English Country Life [eds. by Hereford B. George & W.H. Hadow [son of Vicar of South Cerney], 1902, p.94 - 'Notes' - at [South Cerney] - see below]
051 * Songs, Stories, and a Mummers' Play from Gloucestershire [extract from Michael David Kean Price, [1972], pp.11-13 - reconstructed Hardwicke text]
052 * The Christmas Boys' [by R. B-r, in Notes and Queries, 10th Ser. Vol.VII No.159, 12th Jan. 1907, p.32 - at Newland]
053 * The History of English Dramatic Poetry to the Time of Shakespeare: and Annals of the Stage to the Restoration [by J.Payne Collier, 1831, Vol.I 'Annals of the Stage' p.17fn]
054 * The Oxford Treasury of English Literature, Vol.II: Growth of the Drama [by G.E. Hadow [his sister] & W.H. Hadow [son of Vicar of South Cerney], 1907, pp.iv, 9, 287-294 - South Cerney text - see above]
055 * The Tetbury Mummers [citation of Doug Goulding & Reg Wilkins, in History of Tetbury Society Journal, No.6, [Jul. 1985]]
056 * Transactions, at the Summer Meeting held at Dursley, August, 1886 : Notes on Dursley and the Neighbourhood [by F. Madan [son of Rector of Dursley], in Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Vol.XI, 1887, p.204 - at Dursley; ("Guise-dancer" in Cornwall - informed by [Rev W.] Bazeley [born at St Ives]; Mari Llwyd in Herefordshire and Monmouthshire - informed by Mrs [Mary Ellen] Bagnall-Oakeley [wife of Curate of Penallt]; "Pace-eggers" in Lancashire - informed by Rev S.E. Bartleet [was Vicar of Shaw etc])]
057 * Villages of Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds [extract from comp. Gloucestershire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Charlton Kings' - almost to within living memory]
058 * Villages of Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds [extract from comp. Gloucestershire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Shipton']


059 * Craig Fees
060 * Kids Ark [Winchcombe text]
061 * Marshfield Bakery [Mummers biscuits for sale]

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