Folk Play Links - Gruliks and Skeklers

Compiled by C. Little

Some non-play customs and their practitioners have the same names as the plays and their actors. e.g. Cakers, Guisers, Mummers, Pace Eggers, Morris Dancers, Plough Bullocks, Soulers, Sword Dancers etc. This can be confusing.

Publications listed may be cited as well as full text.


001 * A Description of the Shetland Islands, [by Samuel Hibbert, 1822, p.560 - "guisards" led by "scudler"]
002 * A View of the Ancient and Present State of the Zetland Islands; [by Arthur Edmondston, 1809, Vol.II p.64 - "Guizards" led by "Skudler"]
003 * An Etymological Glossary of the Shetland & Orkney Dialect [by Thomas Edmondston, in Transactions of the Philological Society, 1866, Pt.III p.42 - entry for 'Grulacks']
004 * Examples of Printed Folk-Lore concerning the Orkney & Shetland Islands [County Folk-Lore, Vol.III : Printed Extracts, No. 5] [coll. by G.F. Black & ed. by Northcote W. Thomas, 1903, pp.210-211 - extract from Art Rambles in Shetland, by Reid, 1869, pp.60-62 - "guisers" led by "scuddler"]
005 * Fetlar Museum [Digitisation Project] [Photo of Fetlar Skekler's straw hat held by the museum, 1940s]
006 * Notes on a Straw Masquerade Dress still used in some parts of Shetland, [by Thomas Edmondston, in Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Vol.VIII Pt.II, 1869-70, pp.470-472 [- costume no longer held by the museum]]
007 * Osla's Wedding [by [Anon][Rev Biot Edmondston], in Littell's Living Age, 5th Ser. Vol.L No.2135, 23rd May 1885, p.505 - as Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, 5th Ser. Vol.II No.69, 25th Apr. 1885, pp.268-269 - Literary Work]
008 * Rambles in the Far North [2nd edition] [by R.Menzies Fergusson, 1884, pp.158-163 - "guizards" led by "Scuddler"]
009 * Shetland Fireside Tales or, The Hermit of Trosswickness [2nd edition] [by George Stewart, 1892, p.220 - "guisers" led by "scuddler"]
010 * Shetland Museum [Local Craftspeople Recreate Important Lost Items From Shetland's Past' - Skekler's straw hat and costume now held]
011 * Shetland Museum [Photographic Archive] [Photo of an Up-Helly-A squad (all wearing Skeklers' straw costumes), 1939]
012 * Shetland Museum [Photographic Archive] [Photo of Lerwick guizer (wearing Skekler's straw hat), 1950s]
013 * Shetland Museum [Photographic Archive] [Photo of Uyeasound Up-Helly-A squad member (wearing Skekler's straw costume), 1911]
014 * Shetland Museums Service [Photo of ? Skekler's straw hat held by the museum.]
015 * The Home of a Naturalist [by Rev Biot Edmondston & Jessie M.E. Saxby [his sister], 1888, pp.330-331 - 'Osla's Wedding', by Rev Biot Edmondston - Grulacks led by Scudler [-as Chambers's Journal] - Literary Work]
016 * The Nature and Function of Shetland Guising in Yell, Unst, and Fetlar (in an International Context) [citation of Terry Gunnell, at Taking Shetland out of the Box : Island Cultures and Shetland Identity, Lerwick, 7th-10th May 2009]
017 * The Pirate [by [Anon][Sir Walter Scott][1st Baronet], 1822, Vol.I p.215 - skudler]
018 * The Scottish National Dictionary [1931-1976 - Search for 'grulik', 'scuddler', 'skekel' and 'gloy']


019 * Gryla, Grylur, Groleks and Skeklers: Folk Drama in the North Atlantic in the Early Middle Ages? [by Terry Gunnell, in Preprints of the Ninth International Saga Conference, Akureyri, Iceland, 31st Jul.-6th Aug. 1994, I pp.259-273]
020 * Gryla, Grylur, Groleks and Skeklers: Medieval Disguise Traditions in the North Atlantic? [citation of Terry Gunnell, in Arv: Nordic Yearbook of Folklore, Vol.33, 2001 - revision of above]
021 * Gryla, Grylur, Groleks and Skeklers: Medieval Disguise Traditions in the North Atlantic? [by Terry Gunnell, in Arv: Nordic Yearbook of Folklore, Vol.57, 2001, pp.33-54 - revision of above]
022 * Masks and Mumming Traditions in the North Atlantic : A Survey [Book for sale: by Terry Gunnell, in Masks and Mumming in the Nordic Area, ed. by Terry Gunnell, 2007, pp.275-326]

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