Folk Play Links - Hampshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Andy Anderson [1999 report, with photos, about Crookham Mummers]
002 * Andy Anderson [member of Red Stags Morris] [1999 report with photos]
003 * Andy Anderson [member of Red Stags Morris] [Script of Red Stags Morris, 1996 version - also on Red Stags Morris website]
004 * Broadside Mummers (/Broadside Folk Club) [photos; programme]
005 * Broughton Traditional Arts Group (BTAG) Mummers [photo]
006 * Crookham Village Association [Programme of Crookham Mummers]
007 * East Boldre Mummers Play [in The Herald, No.197, 29th Jan. 2009, p.13 - about Hilltop Mummers - perform East Boldre text]
008 * Farnborough Mummers
009 * Hayling Island Lifeboat Station [Photo of Prize Old Mummers]
010 * Jackstraws Morris [photos; programme]
011 * King John's Morris Men [photo; programme]
012 * Mid Hants Railway [Photo of Farnborough Mummers]
013 * Milestones Museum [Annual mummers play]
014 * Minden Rose [Photo of Wickham Morris]
015 * Minstead Parish Council [Programme of Minstead Mummers]
016 * Mumming through the Millennia [by Tony Benson, in Romsey & District Society News Sheet, No.71, Winter 1999, p.15 - about Romsey Mummers and New Forest Mummers]
017 * Odiham Mummers
018 * Otterbourne Mummers [perform Otterbourne text; photos; programme]
019 * [Photos of Overton Mummers]
020 * Peter Sheil [member of Red Stags Morris] [Script of Red Stags Morris, 2002 version of 1996 one - both also on Red Stags Morris website]
021 * Prize Old Mummers (/ Victory Morrismen) [photos; programme; scripts]
022 * Red Stags Morris [photos; programme; scripts]
023 * Romsey Mummers / Romsey Round Table [perform Romsey text]
024 * Southampton University Players
025 * The Madding Crowd [perform Tichborne text; photos; programme]
026 * Yateley Morris Men [perform Bramshill text; photos; programme]

Libraries & Archives

027 * Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1854-1875 [vol.II, 1877, pp.283, 849, 1247 - '… 1865 : Add. Ms. 26774-26780' - Romsey text]
028 * Hantsphere [image archive] [Photo of Andover Mummers, old n.d.]
029 * Mary Evans Picture Library [Photo of Minstead Mummers, old n.d.]
030 * Museum of English Rural Life [Image Library holds George Long Collection]


031 * A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, [by James Orchard Halliwell, 1846, pp.(632 Vol.II - entry for 'Ploughjags'; 667-668 Vol.II - entry for 'Rapier-Dance' - extract from Archaeologia, Vol.XVII, 1814, pp.155-156; 842 Vol.II - entry for 'Sword-Dancing' - [as The Times, 4th Jan. 1843;) 876 Vol.II - entry for 'Tip-Teerers' - extract from]
032 * A General Dictionary of Provincialisms, [by William Holloway [historian born at Emsworth], 1839, p.175 - entry for "Tip-Teerers"]
033 * A History of Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight [by T.W. Shore, 1892, p.174]
034 * A History of the United Parishes of Colmer and Priors Dean [by Rev Thomas Hervey [Rector of Colmer], 1880, p.268 - at Colemore [- fragment via Hone ?]]
035 * A Little History of Eversley [by C. Elizabeth Cottingham, [1932], p.24 - 'Old Customs' - at Bramshill]
036 * A Parochial History of St. Mary Bourne [by Joseph Stevens, 1888, pp.(336 - 'The Wooset';) 339-341 - 'The Mummers, or Christmas Boys' - text, 1874 - Subscription required for British Library 19th Century Collection]
037 * Address [by Bishop William H. De Lancey, in Journal of the Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Western New York, 1855, p.32fn - at Hursley Park, Hursley]
038 * Annals of Old Ropley [by Marianna S. Hagan, 1929, pp.56-57 - Ropley, Hampshire "Christmas Boys" fragment - informed by Robert Hall; (extract from National Encyclopaedia; extract from Notes and Queries - [Freshwater] text)]
039 * Antiquitates Culinariae, [by Rev Richard Warner [of Sway][Curate of Boldre cum Brockenhurst], 1791, pp.lvi-lvii - at Lymington - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]
040 * Carols [coll. by [Various], in Journal of the Folk-Song Society, No.7 [Vol.II No.2], [Dec.] 1905, pp.(128-130 - [Horsham] "Tipteers" seen at Lyne [House, Rusper], 1880 & 1881 - coll. by L.E. Broadwood;) 130-131 - at Twyford, 1905 - coll. by Dr George B. Gardiner [with H.Balfour Gardiner][not his relative]]
041 * Early Associations : X [by E. [Abel Easton][son and nephew? of Estate Agents of Stratfield Saye], in The [Oneida and Wallingford Communities] Circular, Vol.V No.37, 30th Nov. 1868, p.292 - "mummers" at [Stratfield Saye], when a boy - [incidentally, origin of Oneida cutlery]]
042 * English Children in the Olden Time [2nd edition only ?] [by Elizabeth Godfrey [Jessie Bedford], 1907, pp.151-155, 72 - (at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, still - informed by ?;) extract from Yonge; at Purbrook, in childhood - informed by her nurse; citation of Halliwell; citation of Ewing]
043 * English Christmas Plays [by Clifton Johnson [Author ], in The Outlook, Vol.54 No.24, 12th Dec. 1896, pp.1092-1093 - "tipteering" songs, 1895 & niggering, 1894 & play, 1896 at [Selborne][home of Gilbert White]; with two photos; ("Moomers", not for many years & [Grenoside ?] Morris Dancers [seen] & "T' Ould 'orse" & "T' ould toop" & "Plough Bullocks" at [Ecclesfield][home of Juliana Horatia Ewing] - informed by ?)]
044 * English Traditional Songs and Carols [coll. & ed. by Lucy E. Broadwood, 1908, pp.78-79, 122 - at Kingsclere, 1897 - after correction, as article, by Godfrey Arkwright, in Journal of the Folk-Song Society; Vol.I No.4 (80-81, 122-123 - Horsham [seen at Lyne House, Rusper], 1880 & 1881 - citation of Sussex Songs (Popular Songs of Sussex), arr. by H.F. Birch Reynardson, n.d., pp.2-3 - coll. by L.E. Broadwood; West Sussex Gazette, 1 Dec. 1904; Carols, coll. by [Various], in Journal of the Folk-Song Society, No.7 [Vol.II No.2], [Dec.] 1905, pp.128-130; The Mummers' Carol : Old Sussex Folk-Song, by C.A. Lidgey, 1906)]
045 * Family Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle : II [as his book] [edited by Leonard Huxley, in Century Magazine, Vol.107 No.4, Feb. 1924, pp.515-516 - letter to Helen Welsh [her cousin], 27th Dec. 1851 - ? "mumming" at The Grange, Northington]
046 * Farming and Rural Life, Part 1 [DVD for hire: Video of Tichborne Mummers, 1919 - extract from Wessex Film and Sound Archive]
047 * Five Mumming Plays for Schools [extract from ed. Alex Helm, 1965, pp.13-18 - Netley text from Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection]
048 * Folk Lore Section [by P.J. Heather, in Papers and Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, Vol.XVIII Pt.3, 1954, p.376 - list of branches - Customs e.g.]
049 * Folk-Lore Section [by P.J. Heather, in Papers and Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, Vol.XIV Pt.3, 1940, pp.402-405 - Crondall text [- probably via N&Q]]
050 * Folk-Lore Section [by P.J. Heather, in Papers and Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, Vol.XV Pt.3, 1943, p.347 - as Out of Doors, by E. W., in Hampshire Chronicle, 16th Jan. 1932 - at Winchester, when I was young]
051 * FTX-426 - Three Maidens A-Milking : Songs from Hampshire [CD for sale: by Bob Copper, 1985 - Track 22 - Audio of 'O Mortal Man' & 'God Bless the Master of this House', sung by [North Waltham] Mummers]
052 * Gray's 'Elegy' and Ploughing Customs [by H.P. L. [Lieut Col Henry Pincke Lee][son of Rector of Broughton], in Notes and Queries, 10th Ser. Vol.XII No.307, 13th Nov. 1909, p.389 - characterful horses being named Doctor arose from the mummers, forties]
053 * Hampshire Christmas Mystery [by W. C., in Notes and Queries, 2nd Ser. Vol.XII No.312, 21st Dec. 1861, pp.493-494]
054 * Hampshire Folklore [by D.H. Moutray Read, in Folk-Lore, Vol.XXII No.3, Sep. 1911, pp.328-329 - at Crondall; [Overton "Johnny Jacks" seen at] Freefolk; at Longstock; at Netley; at Hursley; at Romsey [- citation of British Library Add. Ms. 26774-26780]; at St Mary Bourne - extract from A Parochial History of St. Mary Bourne, by Joseph Stevens, 1888, pp.339-341; in New Forest; at Nursling]
055 * Hampshire Mummers [by Mackenzie E.C. Walcott, in Notes and Queries, 3rd Ser. Vol.I No.4, 25th Jan. 1862, p.66]
056 * Hampshire Treasures [by [Hampshire County Council], 1979, Vol.2 (Basingstoke and Deane) p.209 - 'North Waltham']
057 * Hampshire Treasures [by [Hampshire County Council], 1980, Vol.3 (Hart and Rushmoor) p.27 - 'Crookham']
058 * Highways and Byways in Hampshire [by D.H. Moutray Read, 1908, pp.33, 250-251, viii - at Hursley; at Romsey [- citation of British Library Add. Ms. 26774-26780]; at St Mary Bourne]
059 * John Keble's Parishes [by Charlotte Mary Yonge, 1898 - [Otterbourne ?] text]
060 * Longparish School [in Hill & Valley, No.37, Jan. 2003, p.14 - performance]
061 * Longparish Village Handbook [by Mary Jo Darrah, Paul Knipe & John Woodcock, 1999, p.3 - text [- extract from Longparish Women's Institute Scrapbook]]
062 * Mainly about Old Fleet & Crookham [by Ted Roe, [1975], p.49]
063 * North Waltham, Steventon, Ashe and Deane History Society [Photo of North Waltham Mummers, 1947]
064 * Notes and Queries : Irish National Dances, Mummers and Waits [by J. Coleman [Officer of HM Customs], in Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, [1st Ser.] Vol.II No.16, Apr. 1893, pp.76-77 - (extracts from Beauties of Ireland, by Brewer, 1824; "mummers" (non-play) in County Cork, thirty-five years ago;) "mummers" (non-play) in Hampshire, still]
065 * Pages from the Past [by John Ayscough [Francis Bickerstaffe-Drew], 1922, pp.70-71 - (citation of The Reminiscences of Lady Dorothy Nevill;) at Hurstbourne Park, Hurstbourne Priors, 1913]
066 * Period Piece : A Cambridge Childhood [7th impression] [by Gwen Raverat [niece of William Darwin][incidentally, granddaughter of Charles Darwin], 1952/1953, chap.X - Bassett Mummers fragment, 1899]
067 * Protection for postmen [by Derek Kane, in Hampshire Chronicle, 8th Dec. 2006 - extract from Mummers Volunteers Wanted, in Hampshire Chronicle, 7th Dec. 1956 - Andover Mummers will not be performing]
068 * Railway line to double [by Derek Kane, in Hampshire Chronicle, 11th Nov. 2008 - extract from Andover Mummers to Tour the Town again, in Hampshire Chronicle, 14th Nov. 1958 - citation of text in Andover Library]
069 * Silchester [in Hants and Berks Gazette, 30th Dec. 1911, p.8 - mummers]
070 * Songs and Southern Breezes : Country Folk and Country Ways [extract from Bob Copper, 1973, pp.127-128 - 'God Bless the Master of this House' - song that was sung by North Waltham Mummers - as FTX-426]
071 * Steve Roud / Paul Marsh Collection [And Booklet for sale:, 1992]
072 * Ted 'Darkie' Duckett [by Dave Williams, in Musical Traditions - at East Boldre]
073 * The English Dialect Dictionary [ed. by Joseph Wright, Vol.VI, 1905, pp.(162a - entry for 'Tipteerer' - at Chidham - informed by G. W. [Rev George Alfred Walker][Vicar of Chidham];) at [Liphook ?] - informed by W.M.E. F. [Fowler][niece of J.T. F.]; (395a - entry for 'Wassailers' - at Royal Tunbridge Wells; about 1839 or 1840; at Chidham, 1858 - informed of both by G.A. W. [""][""])]
074 * The Laws of Masters and Servants Considered; [by J. Huntingford, 1790, p.73 - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]
075 * The Mummers at Milford - fifty years ago [citation of C. Rivett-Carnac, in An Occasional Magazine : Milford-on-Sea Record Society, Vol.1 No.5, Nov. 1912, pp.28-34]
076 * The New Forest : Its Traditions, Inhabitants and Customs [Re-issue] [by Rose C. de Crespigny & Horace Hutchinson, 1903, pp.115-116 - mummers at [unlocated]; others superseded by mummers (non-play) e.g. at [Round Hill, Brook ?]]
077 * The New Forest: Its History and its Scenery [by John R. Wise, 1863, p.178 - "Mummers still perform at Christmas."]
078 * Tipteerer [by A.O.V. P. [Edward Peacock], in Notes and Queries, 4th Ser. Vol.III No.58, 6th Feb. 1869, p.128 - "tipteerers" - citation of A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, - [Hampshire]; (Memoir of the Rev Henry Francis Cary, by Rev Henry Cary [his son], 1847, Vol.II p.22)]
079 * Tipterers [by A. D., in Notes and Queries, 4th Ser. Vol.IX No.210, 6th Jan. 1872, p.15]
080 * Village Mummers' Strange Performance [in Daily Mirror, No.6905, 28th Dec. 1925, p.16ab - Photo of Overton Mummers - Subscription required for UKPressOnline]


081 * Headley Theatre Club [List with 1977, 1981, 1989 and 2006 performances]
082 * Longparish Players [2007 performance?]
083 * Overton Millennium Sheep Fair [Includes painting of mummers by Rosemary Trollope and Johnny Jacks script - Archived]
084 * Paul Marsh
085 * Strange Britain [Overton text, copied from]

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