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Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Manx Place Names : their philological and grammatical development [by J.J. Kneen, in Proceedings ..., New Ser. Vol.II No.3, 1924 - example of English name 'White Boys' Croft' - extract from Manorial Roll, 1703]
002 * The Manorial Roll of the Isle of Man [trans. by the late Rev Theophilus Talbot, 1924 - 'Appendix K : Manorial Roll, 1703' - 'Parish of KK. Andreas' - entry for 'White Boys' Croft']
003 * The Place-Names of the Isle of Man with their Origin and History [by J.J. Kneen, 1925 - 'Parish of Kirk Andreas' - entry for 'White Boys' Croft' - citation of Manorial Roll, 1703]


004 * Letters of Thomas Edward Brown [3rd edition] [ed. by Sidney T. Irwin, 1900, Vol.II - 15th Dec. 1894 - Whiteboys at Maughold]


005 * Christmas Rose [by [Anon], 1873, p.63 - "or the way, The Whiteboys is actin a Christmas day-" - Literary Work]
006 * Fo'c's'le Yarns [by [Anon], 1881, p.131 - 'Christmas Rose']
007 * Mona Miscellany [coll. & ed. by William Harrison, 1869, pp.166-171; x - [Peel seen at ?] Rockmount, German text, 1845]
008 * The Collected Poems of T.E. Brown [1909, 'Christmas Rose' - as Fo'c's'le Yarns [New edition]]
009 * The Folklore of the Isle of Man, [by A.W. Moore, 1891, chap.6 - extract from Mona Miscellany, coll. & ed. by William Harrison, 1869]
010 * The White Boys [in Manx Music Today / Kiaull Manninagh Jiu, Dec. 2007, p.6 - about Bock Yuan Fannee]


011 * A Bibliographical Account of Works relating to the Isle of Man [comp. & ed. by William Cubbon [Librarian of the Manx Museum], 1933, Vol.I - 'E 244' - citation of Manx Sun, 10th Jan. 1832 - Douglas text; Mona Miscellany, coll. & ed. by William Harrison, 1869, pp.166-171; x; The White Boy [sic], n.d. - as latter; copy, by P.W. Caine, of former]
012 * Rambles in the Isle of Man [by [Anon][John A. Heraud ?], in Monthly Magazine, Vol.II No.10, Oct. 1839, pp.462-463 - at Douglas, 1838; "for in England, in lieu of country lads and lasses, the mere scum of provincial towns perambulate the country,"]


013 * Manx National Heritage Library : Folklore of the Isle of Man : Select Bibliography No.5 [Photo of Port Erin White Boys, 1926]
014 * Manx Reminiscences [by Dr John Clague, [1911], chap.1 - "White Boys"]
015 * Notes on Old Castletown, by Sir J.D. Qualtrough, circa 1950 [internet only] [Old Customs' - "White Boys"]
016 * The Isle of Man [by Agnes Herbert, 1909, pp.201-203 - "White Boys" at Port Erin]
017 * The Isle of Man; [by Rev Joseph George Cumming [Vice-Principal of King William's College, Castletown], 1848, p.336 - 'Appendix : O' - White Boys, kept up still]


018 * Ceremonial Folk-Song, Mumming, and Dance in the Isle of Man [by Mona Douglas, in Journal of the English Folk Dance Society, Ser.2 No.2, 1928, pp.17-20]
019 * Historical and Statistical Account of the Isle of Man [by Joseph Train, 1845, chap.17 - "White Boys"; (citation of MacTaggart; citation of Chambers)]
020 * Leech's Guide and Directory of the Isle of Man [[ca. 1861], chap.19 - 'The White Boys']
021 * Manx Ballads & Music [ed. by A.W. Moore, 1896, pp.62, 255 - 'The Mummers' Song']
022 * Manx National Heritage : White Boys Costume [Photo of object held by the Manx Museum]
023 * Plough Monday Mummeries [II] [by Mabel Peacock, in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.VII No.176, 11th May 1901, pp.363-365 - (Kirton in Lindsey text; at Walton-le-Dale [! Walcott Dales ?] near Tattershall;) extract from Queen, 1st Jan. 1898, p.15bc - on Isle of Man]
024 * The White Boys and the Mollag Band [index to I.M. Killip, in Journal of Manx Museum, Vol.VII, Nos.82-88, 1966-1976]
025 * The White Boys" : A scene from a great Hardy novel [citation of P.W. Caine, in Manx Quarterly, No.25 Vol.VI, Apr. 1921]

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