Folk Play Links - Kent, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Boughton Monchelsea Morris [script]
002 * Darent Valley Champions / Hartley Morris Men [perform Shoreham & Brasted texts; programme]
003 * Dead Horse Morris [photo; programme; script]
004 * Elsie's Band / The Queen's Arms [programme]
005 * Mummers ensure Pagan Traditions are Remembered [in ?, 2nd Jan. 1999 - about Tonbridge Mummers]
006 * Rabble Folk Theatre
007 * Ravensbourne Morris Men [perform Leigh [Brasted] text]
008 * Stephen Goad [member of Bromley Mummers [no longer performing]]
009 * The Publican [Each to their own', by Chris Maclean - about Boyden Gate Mummers]
010 * Tonbridge Mummers & Hoodeners (/ Nellie's Folk Club) [perform Bearsted text - Archived]
011 * Wadard Mummers / Wadard Morris Men [perform Sutton-at-Hone text; photos; programme]
012 * West Hill Morris [photos; programme]


013 * A Dictionary of the Kentish Dialect and Provincialisms in use in the County of Kent [by [Chancellor] W.D. Parish & [Rev] W.F. Shaw, 1888, pp.27 - entry for 'Championing'; (76 - entry for 'Hodening'; 77 - entry for 'Hoodening' - "Hoodning" at St Nicholas-at-Wade, long since ceased - informed by the late Rev H. Bennett Smith [Vicar of St Nicholas-at-Wade])]
014 * Annals of a Fishing Village [New edition] [by A Son of the Marshes [Denham Jordan], ed. by J.A. Owen, 1892, pp.239-244 - at [Milton Regis]]
015 * Historic Notes of Chatham and Rochester. In Bygone Days [by H. Barnaby, 1899, p.10 - 'Chatham' - Subscription required for British Library 19th Century Collection]
016 * History of Strood [by Henry Smetham, 1899, pp.306, 298 - extract from Town Trustee Minute Book, 27th Nov. 1817 - bankrupt grocer?]
017 * Kentish Mummers and Morrismen [index to Annis Cumfrey, in Bygone Kent, Vol.9 No.6, Jun. 1988, pp.360-363 - Brasted Champions and revival by Darent Valley Champions]
018 * Mumming at Christmastide [by Monkbarns [pseud], in Antiquarian Magazine & Bibliographer, Vol.II No.12, [Dec.] 1882, p.323 - at Sevenoaks, 1881; ("guisings" in Derbyshire, still - informed by his friend [Anon]; near Boston)]
019 * Recollections of An Octogenarian : No.III [by James Smith [born at Loose], in The Leader [Melbourne], No.2688, 13th Jul. 1907, p.43c - at village [Loose], 1820s [- fragment is Sandys]]
020 * The English Dialect Dictionary [ed. by Joseph Wright, Vol.VI, 1905, pp.(162a - entry for 'Tipteerer' - at Chidham - informed by G. W. [Rev George Alfred Walker][Vicar of Chidham]; at [Liphook ?] - informed by W.M.E. F. [Fowler][niece of J.T. F.];) 395a - entry for 'Wassailers' - at Royal Tunbridge Wells; about 1839 or 1840; (at Chidham, 1858) - informed of both by G.A. W. [""][""]]
021 * Three Mumming Plays [by Alan Brody, in English Literary Renaissance, Vol.3 No.1, Winter 1973, pp.105-130 - (Branston, Lincolnshire text from Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Collection;) [unlocated], Kent fragment/text from Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Collection; (Barrow-on-Humber, Lincolnshire, 1951, text from Maurice Willmore Barley Collection)]
022 * Two Mumming Plays [citation of David Cooper, in The Morris Dancer, Vol.3 No.1, (Dec.) 1993(-94) - (unlocated/Tollerton &) Larkfield texts from Canon Fiennes Collection]


023 * Leigh and District Historical Society [Mummers Plays and Leigh]

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