Folk Play Links - Folk Plays in Literary Works

Compiled by C. Little

Folk play performances and their preparations have been incorporated into literary works, either as incidental events (as in Hughes' Tom Brown's School Days), or as part of the plot (as in Yonge's The Christmas Mummers).

Publications listed may be cited as well as full text.

Aidan, Pamela

001 * Duty and Desire [extract from 2004, Chapter 7]

Ainsworth, William Harrison

002 * Mervyn Clitheroe [1858, pp.53-54, 40; plate - Fool Plough at Marston in Cheshire]
003 * The Lancashire Witches [1849, Vol.III pp.301-302 - "The Plough and Sword Dance;"]

Akenson, Don

004 * At Face Value: The Life and Times of Eliza McCormack/John White [Subscription required for Questia]

Alexander, A.

005 * The Pirates' Hoard [1905, pp.31, 29 - at Bideford]


006 * A Christmas Recognition [in Catholic World, Vol.XVI No.94, Jan. 1873, p.452 - "mummers"]
007 * Ashley Priors; [by [Author of Fontnell St Chad], 1874, p.234]
008 * Christmas Firesides [in Bristol Mercury, No.2280, 28th Dec. 1933 - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century British Library Newspapers]
009 * Claude de Vesci" [in Teesdale Mercury, No.0605, 7th Jun. 1865, p.4de - extract from Claude de Vesci;, by [Anon], 1856, Vol.I]
010 * Folk-Lore in Berkshire [by W. Niven, in Home Counties Magazine, Vol.V, 1903, pp.120-122 - (Buckland text - seen at villages near too;) citation of A Christmas Rehearsal, in Pall Mall Gazette, Vol.75 No.11769, 22nd Dec. 1902, pp.1c-2ab - Literary Work]
011 * Granny's Vagabond Acquaintance [in Tinsleys' [sic] Magazine, Vol.XV No.[1], Jul. 1874, pp.34-37 - at Rainscombe Hill Farm?, Clench Common]
012 * Halt! [in Chatterbox [US edition], Vol.1876 No.II, ?? ???. 187?, pp.10-11 - fragments]
013 * Old Hooker's Ghost; or, Christmas Gambols at Huntingfield Hall [in Bentley's Miscellany, Vol.LVIII, 1865, p.639 - mummers]
014 * The Children of Blessing [1867, pp.364, 330 - sword-dancers in North Yorkshire]

Aylmer, E.J. [sic]]

015 * Gold, Silver, Lead [Warne's Christmas Annual] [ed. by Mrs [Laura] Valentine, [1867], pp.87-88 - '"Love Stronger than Death!"', by I.D. Fenton [pseud] - "guisers" in Northumberland - Subscription required for British Library 19th Century Collection - see also Northumberland]

Baring-Gould, Sabine

016 * Mehalah : A Story of the Salt Marshes [by [Anon][Rector of East Mersea], 1880, Chapter XV 'New Year's Eve' - mummers not in Mersea Island, Essex]
017 * Richard Cable : The Lightshipman [by [Anon], 1888, Vol.III pp.41-43 - mummers at St Kerian [St Clether ?], Cornwall]
018 * Richard Cable, the Lightshipman [by [Anon], in Littell's Living Age, 5th Ser. Vol.LX No.2263, 12th Nov. 1887, pp.354-355 - as Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, 5th Ser. Vol.IV No.196, 1st Oct. 1887, p.629]
019 * Through Flood and Flame [by [Anon][was Curate of Horbury], 1868, Vol.III p.8 - mummers (non-play); sword dancers; yule tup at Sowden [Horbury], West Yorkshire - [incidentally, he based the character of Annis Greenwell on Grace Taylor [his wife to be]] - see also West Yorkshire]

Barnes-Grundy, Mabel

020 * Gwenda [US edition] [1910, p.37 - paste-egging]

Barry, Michael Joseph]

021 * The "Kishoge Papers" [by Bouillon De Garcon [pseud], 1875, pp.102, vii - as Dublin University Magazine]
022 * The Saint of the Long Robe : Being No.X of the Kishoge Papers [by [Anon], in Dublin University Magazine, Vol.XXXIX No.CCXXIX, Jan. 1852, p.22 - first two lines]

Batson, H.M. [wife of Rector of Welford]

023 * Such a Lord is Love [by Mrs Stephen Batson, 1893, Vol.I pp.177-186 - Mummers - Subscription required for British Library 19th Century Collection - see also Berkshire]

Beerbohm, Max

024 * A Christmas Garland [1912 - 'A Straight Talk (Preface to "Snt George. A Christmas Play")' - as Saturday Review - parody of George Bernard Shaw]

Bellew, Rev J.C.M. [born at Lancaster]

025 * Blount Tempest [1865, Vol.I pp.97-99, 94 - "Peace-eggers"; "Morris-dancers" fragment at Thornby [Hornby] on Warfe [Wenning] near Launcester [Lancaster] on Laune [Lune]]

Benchley, Robert C.

026 * Of All Things [1921, p.165 - 'A Romance in Encyclopedia Land' - guisards]

Bennet, William]

027 * Malpas; [by [Lee Gibbons [pseud]], 1822, Vol.I pp.206-207 - like so many morrice-men or paste-eggers]

Besant, Walter

028 * Dorothy Forster [1884, Vol.II pp.41-44, 18 - 'Alexander and the Egyptian King' at Dilston in Northumberland]
029 * The Captains' Room etc [1883, Vol.II pp.88, 222, 240, 55 - '"Let Nothing You Dismay"' - mummers at Warkworth in Northumberland]

Bethell, Hon Augusta

030 * Millicent and her Cousins [1870, pp.131, 56 - mummers in Sussex - unbearable]

Beverley, Jo

031 * A Mummer's Play [by Jo Beverley, in A Regency Christmas, by Mary Balogh, Jo Beverley & Sandra Heath, 1995 - Summary of a murder mystery novella where the investigator infiltrates the suspects house with a mummers' play.]

Blyton, Enid

032 * Enid Blyton Society [summary of her The Christmas Book, 1944]

Bond, Edward

033 * The Fool [Book for sale: in Plays: 3]
034 * The Traditional Mummers' Play in British Political Drama: Edward Bond's 'The Fool', 1975 / Vincent Woods' 'At the Black Pig's Dyke', 1992 [citation of Martin W. Walsh, at 38th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 8th-11th May 2003]
035 * The Traditional Mummers’ Play in British Political Drama: Edward Bond’s The Fool (1975) and Vincent Woods’ At the Black Pig’s Dyke (1992) [citation of Martin W. Walsh, in Medieval English Theatre, Vol.25, 2003, pp.177-186]

Bonham, E.

036 * How they spent Christmas Eve at St. Cadge [from her Christmas in Cornwall 60 Years Ago, 1898]

Bottrell, William

037 * The Smugglers of Penrose [from his Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall : Second Series, 1873, p.216]
038 * The Smugglers of Penrose [from his Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall : Second Series, 1873, p.216]

Braddon, Mary Elizabeth]

039 * Mohawks [by [Anon], n.d., Vol.III p.257]

Bright, Eva [Mrs Cameron Corlett Cannell]

040 * The Lost Title Deeds [in Western Mail [Perth], Vol.XXXVII No.1878, 22nd Dec. 1921, p.42cd - via Yonge?]

Brodie, Erasmus H.

041 * Euthanasia: [1866, p.65 - 'A Song of Christmas']

Brown, T.E.

042 * Christmas Rose [by [Anon], 1873, p.63 - "or the way, The Whiteboys is actin a Christmas day-"]

Byron, Lord

043 * Hints from Horace [from The Works of Lord Byron, 1831, Vol.V p.234]

Carey, Alfred E.

044 * Sir Waterloo : Fragments of the Autobiography of a Sussex Lad [1920, pp.220-221 [- fiction]]

Carey, Rosa Nouchette

045 * Mollie's Prince [10th edition] [189?, p.409]

Caselton, Charles

046 * Meanwhile Gardens [2010, Chapter 128 - Brief allusion to Mummers only]

Chaworth-Musters, Lavinia

047 * Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs Bibliography [summary of her A Cavalier Stronghold: A Romance of the Vale of Belvoir, 1890, pp.272-277; 387-392 - see also Nottinghamshire]
048 * Old English Customs Extant at the Present Time [by P.H. Ditchfield [Rector of Barkham], 1896, pp.(47-48 - [paraphrasing Plough Monday, by J.G. Frazer, in Folk-Lore Journal, Vol.V Pt.2, Apr? 1887, p.161]; 48 - [paraphrasing A History of Great Gransden in the County of Huntingdon, by [Arthur Jonathan Edmonds] Vicar of Great Gransden, 1892-1895, p.245 - "Plough Monday"];) 48-49, vii - paraphrasing A Cavalier Stronghold:, by Mrs Chaworth Musters, 1890; (49 - [paraphrasing The Book of Days, ed. by R. Chambers, Vol.I, 1863, p.95 - in Lincolnshire])]

Chesterton, G.K.

049 * Bibliography for Beginners, by Dale Ahlquist [Includes summary of Chesterton's "Mummers' Play", The Turkey and the Turk - as G.K.'s Weekly, Vol.II No.38, 5th Dec. 1925, pp.292-295]
050 * Strange Britain [Photo of Beaconsfield Mummers, about 1950. Beaconsfield text, allegedly composed by G.K. Chesterton]

Close, J.

051 * The Book of the Chronicles: or, Winter Evening Tales of Westmorland [1842, Vol.I p.128 - sword dance]

Colum, Padraic

052 * The King of Ireland's Son [n.d., chap.XIII - mummers perform 'The Unicorn from the Stars' play on Saint Stephen's Day]

Copper, Bob

053 * Sussex Ancestors

Cox, Morris

054 * A Dialogue for National Folk Week [in Format, No.3, May. 1967, pp.13-17, cover - [National Folk Week was organised by the English Folk Dance and Song Society]]
055 * Mummers' Fool [1965]

Craik, Dinah]

056 * A Brave Lady [by [Anon], 1870, Vol.III p.52 - guisards]
057 * A Life for a Life [by [Anon], 1859, Vol.II p.145 - guizers]

Croker, Thomas Crofton

058 * Recollections of Old Christmas: [extract from 1850 - Preface]

Crommelin, May

059 * Bay Ronald [1893, Vol.II pp.82-86 - after Thomas Hardy?!]

Cunningham, John

060 * Poems, Chiefly Pastoral [1766, pp.171-172 - 'A Prologue, For some Country Lads, performing the Devil of a Wife in the Christmas Holidays' - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]

Cupples, George

061 * Kyloe-Jock and the Weird of Wanton Walls [in Macmillan's Magazine, Vol.II No.11, Sep. 1860, p.381 - "guisards"]

Derleth, August

062 * The Adventure of the Whispering Knights [summary of his The Casebook of Solar Pons, 1965 - as The Saint Mystery Magazine [US edition], Sep. 1963 [- incorrect commentary]]
063 * The Adventure of the Whispering Knights [citation of him, in The Saint Mystery Magazine [US edition], Sep. 1963]
064 * The Adventure of the Whispering Knights [citation of him, in The Saint Mystery Magazine [UK edition], Oct. 1963]

Doudney, Sarah [lived at Lovedean]

065 * Nelly Channell [US edition] [n.d., pp.38, 22 - mummers at Huntsdean [Lovedean ?], "a Hampshire village"]

Douglas, Sir George

066 * The Fireside Tragedy : A Play [1887, pp.89-95 - Guizards]

Dowson, F.W.

067 * T'Pleeaf-Stots [index to, in Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, Vol.V Pt.XXXVII, p.45]

Ewing, Juliana Horatia

A successful Victorian children's author, her story The Peace Egg was first published in her mother's Aunt Judy's Magazine. It is centred round the performance of a Christmas play - the title being taken from one of the chapbook texts that were current at the time. Later A Christmas Mumming Play itself was published, a script that she had compiled from five different versions, with a lengthy introduction. The story and the play were published together in later book editions of her works. The script is available in our Scripts.

068 * Juliana Horatia Ewing and Her Books [by Horatia K.F. Gatty [her sister], 1885 - describes her publication of The Peace Egg and her compiled script - as Aunt Judy's Annual Volume, New Ser. Vol.IV [No.X], [Aug.] 1885, pp.577-578]
069 * Aunt Judy's Correspondence [by J.H. E., in Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume, Vol.X No.LXIX, [Jan.] 1872, p.189 - chapbook alluded to is published by J. Johnson, Kirkgate, Leeds - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century UK Periodicals]
070 * Letters to the Editor : The Pace-Eggers [by [Rev] H. Walford, in The Spectator, 20th Apr. 1889, p.542 - citation of Ewing]
071 * The Peace Egg [by J.H. E., in Aunt Judy's Annual Volume, New Ser. Vol.III [No.3], [Jan.] 1884, pp.155-173 - a christmas mumming play - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century UK Periodicals]
072 * The Peace Egg and A Christmas Mumming Play [[1887] - her Christmas story & composite Christmas play, plus illustrations]
073 * The Peace Egg and Other Tales [18?? - her Christmas story & composite Christmas play]
074 * The Peace-Egg : A Christmas Tale [by J.H. Ewing, in Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume, Vol.X No.LXVIII, [Dec.] 1871, pp.98-117 - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century UK Periodicals]

Farjeon, Eleanor

075 * Fifty New Poems for Children [US edition] [[1922?], pp.8, 62 - 'The Mummers' - extract from her Sonnets and Poems, 1918, pp.20-21]
076 * Sonnets and Poems [1918, pp.20-21 - 'The Mummers']

Fitton, Sam

077 * A Pace-Egging Spasm [in Cotton Factory Times, 21st Apr. 1916 - cartoon and poem]

Gillespie, Prof Thomas ?]

078 * Voyages and Travels of Columbus Secundus [in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol.X No.LIX, Dec. (Pt.II) 1821, p.692 - chap.XVIII - "guisards" or "guiserts" performing Alexander the Great or The Abbot of Unreason, at Edinburgh]

Gordon, Jaimy

079 * She Drove Without Stopping [by Keith Waldrop, in CONTEXT, No.7 - about the author]

Graham, P.Anderson

080 * The Red Scaur [US edition] [1897, p.11 - mummers or guizards]

Grahame, James

081 * British Georgics [1809, pp.234-235, 341-342 - guisarts]

Grahame, Kenneth

082 * Pagan Papers [1st edition only - extracted for The Golden Age, 1895] [1894, 'The Golden Age', pp.158-165 - 'Snowbound' - as National Observer, New Ser. Vol.X No.253, 23rd Sep. 1893, pp.486-487]
083 * The Golden Age [18??, Chapter 'Snowbound' - mummers]

Grant, James

084 * The Scottish Cavalier [1852, Part II pp.284-285 - "guisards"]

Green, John

085 * Tales and Ballads of Wearside [4th edition] [1885, pp.98-99, 40 - 'Balmston; or, No Greater Love' - guisers, or sword-dancers]

Gresley, Rev W.

086 * Church-Clavering; or, The Schoolmaster [1843, pp.139-140]

H., J.

087 * Reuben Remplace [in The Olio;, Vol.VII No.XVI, 23rd Apr. 1831, p.243 [sic] - Christmas plays & "Guise Dancing"]
088 * Tales of Chivalry; [n.d., p.283 - 'Reuben Remplace' - as above]

Hall, Anna Maria

089 * Grandmamma's Pockets [by Mrs S.C. Hall, 1849, pp.100-104, 23]

Hall, Robert Lee

090 * Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder [Book for sale: 2001]

Harcourt, Dora [pseud ?]

091 * A Peep at Country Cousins, and How it Ended - Letter V [in Illustrated Magazine of Art:, Vol.II, 1853, p.314 - via Hone]

Hardy, Thomas

Return of the Native (1878) is probably the most famous example of a folk play being incorporated into an English novel. This appears in Book 2, Chapters 4 to 6, with the main performance taking place in Chapter 5. Hardy subsequently published a separate, somewhat embellished, Dorset text of The Play of St. George (1928).

092 * Barron's Booknotes: Return of the Native
093 * Book Rags Book Notes: Return of the Native
094 * Dorset County Museum photo [Photo of Hardy Players, 1920]
095 * Hardy Players [List with 1923 performance(s)]
096 * Hardy's Egdon Heath Project: Launch Day [2001 performance and pictures of mummers' play from Raymond Sargent]
097 * Hardy's Mummers [by Robert Squillace, in Nineteenth-Century Literature, Vol.41 No.2, Sep. 1986, pp.172-189 - Subscription required for JSTOR]
098 * If there is any difference, Grandfer is younger" by Arthur Hopkins's for Hardy's The Return of the Native [Illustration for the Monthly Serialisation showing Mummers at rest.]
099 * Jenkyn, Little John, &c [by [Rev] John Pickford, in Notes and Queries, 10th Ser. Vol.V No.115, 10th Mar. 1906, p.195 - citation of Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy, 1878]
100 * Plough Monday Mummeries [by [Rev] John Pickford, in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.VII No.181, 15th Jun. 1901, p.477 - citation of (The Book of Days, ed. by R. Chambers, Vol.I, 18??, pp.84-86;) Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy, 1878]
101 * Real Conversations [by William Archer, 1904, pp.34-36 - 'Mr Thomas Hardy' - as Pall Mall Magazine]
102 * Real Conversations [by William Archer, in Pall Mall Magazine - transcript of Feb. 1901 interview with Thomas Hardy - [Higher Bockhampton] fragment]
103 * Return of the Native [Anniversary edition] [extract from 1920, p.154 - Photo of "Blooms-End"]
104 * The Christmas Boys' [by [Rev] John Pickford, in Notes and Queries, 10th Ser. Vol.VII No.161, 26th Jan. 1907, p.75 - citation of Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy, 1878]
105 * The Dynasts [1903, 'Preface' - "… taking the shape delivery of speeches, with dreamy conventional gestures, something in the manner traditionally maintained by the old Christmas mummers,"]
106 * The Play of St. George [Script of Hardy Players, also in Martin Collins' compilation at]
107 * The Return of The Native [? edition] [1895]
108 * Thomas Hardy’s Library at Max Gate: Catalogue of an Attempted Reconstruction, by Michael Millgate [King George and the Turkish Knight Old Sussex Play, coll. by Isobel Horn, 1921]
109 * What did the Egdon Mummers Sing [citation of Peter Robson, in The Hardy Review, Vol.III, 2002, pp.85-88]
110 * Why All the Drama?: The Significance of Mumming in Hardy's "The Return of the Native" [citation of Randy Jasmine, at American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Memphis, Tennessee, 20th-24th Oct. 1999]

Harte, Bret

111 * Dick Spindler's Family Christmas [citation of him, in Windsor Magazine, Dec. 1898]
112 * Mr Jack Hamlin's Mediation : And Other Stories [1899, pp.141-142 - 'Dick Spindler's Family Christmas' - like Mummers at Boston, of the olden times]

Heaney, Seamus

113 * The Last Mummer

Hewitt, John

114 * The Mummers [by John McCullagh, in Newry Journal, 18th Jun. 2004 - extract from The Christmas Rhymers, Ballynure, 1941: an old woman remembers]

Hughes, Thomas

115 * The Ashen Faggot [in Macmillan's Magazine, Vol.V No.27, Jan. 1862, p.247 - fragment]
116 * Tom Brown's School Days [? edition] [1857, Chapter I - mummers [at Uffington]]

Hunt, Margaret][wife of Alfred W. Hunt][daughter of Rev James Raine]

117 * Thornicroft's Model [by Averil Beaumont [pseud], 1873, Vol.I p.146 - Chinese crape just for "guizers" at [Durham?]]

Infinitepryde [pseud]

118 * Repeat Performance [internet only]

J., M.

119 * Two Christmas Eves [as in Illustrated London News, [Christmas Supplement], 3rd Dec. 1888 - at St Ives]

Jackson, Walter H.

120 * Zilpha: A Story of the New Forest [1887, p.11 - at Brantwood [Brockenhurst ?], still held - [incidentally, printed by himself]]

Keddie, Henrietta]

121 * Logie Town [Canadian copyright edition] [by Sarah Tytler [pseud], 1888, p.359 - "guisards"]
122 * Phemie Millar [by [Anon], 1854, Vol.III p.191 - Guisards]
123 * The Nut-Brown Maids: [by [Anon], 1859, p.353 - Plough Monday]

Kemp, Audrey

124 * The Orpheus Books [Chapter 13]

Kemp, Matthew Stanley

125 * Ande Trembath : A Tale of Old Cornwall England [1905, pp.98-112, Ch.XII - 'Christmas and Christmas Play']

Kingsley, Charles

126 * Westward Ho! [1855, Vol.II p.1 - mummer's plays]

Kingston, William Henry Giles

127 * Christmas at a Country House [in Kingston's Magazine for Boys, Vol.II [No.?], [?.] 1861, pp.27-29 - Atherstone fragment [- as below but fact?]]
128 * Foxholme Hall; [1867, pp.11-15 [- as above but fiction]]

Lamprey, Louise

129 * Masters of the Guild [1920, Chapter XVI - a mummers performance]

Latto, W.D.]

130 * Tammas Bodkin: or the Humours of a Scottish Tailor [by [Anon], 1864, pp.118-127]

Lawrence, David Herbert

D.H. Lawrence's first published work was a short story - An Enjoyable Christmas: A Prelude - in which the performance of a Christmas Guysers' play and its preparations provide the background for the plot. It was published at his request under the name of his friend Jessie Chambers in the Nottinghamshire Guardian, No.3264, 7th Dec. 1907, p.17abcde. Guysers are also mentioned briefly in his novel The Rainbow (1915). Neither story gives much detail about the play itself, although they will have been drawn from the folk plays of his home town Eastwood, and neighbouring villages in Nottinghamshire. See Traditional Drama Forum, No.8, Sep. 2003 for the text of A Prelude and an article on Lawrence's references to Guysers.

131 * Dun Yer Want Guysers?" [in Haggs Farm Preservation Society Newsletter, No.12, Jun. 1993, pp.3-4 - paraphrasing A Prelude, by D.H. Lawrence; (citation of Selston : 1913, by R.W. Storer [Selston Branch of the Workers' Educational Association], 1983, pp.54-58 - Selston text)]
132 * The Rainbow [ch.5 - "The wake departed, and the guysers came. …"; ch.10 - "Gradually there gathered the feeling of expectation. …"]

Leighton, Alexander

133 * Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland; [Revised edition] [Vol.XVII, 1884 - 'Hogmanay; Or, the Lady of Ballochgray' - guysers]

Leroy, Amelie Claire]

134 * We that are Strong" [by Esme Stuart [pseud], in Sydney Mail, VoLLVII No.1770, 9th Jun. 1894, pp.1176cd-1177abc - via Yonge?]

Linskill, Mary

135 * Between the Heather and the Northern Sea [in Good Words, Vol.XXV [No.4 ?], [Apr. ?] 1884, p.221 - mummers]
136 * Between the Heather and the Northern Sea [1884, Vol.I, p.263 [- description of North Yorkshire Christmas customs edited out!]]

Lodge, David

137 * Small World : An Academic Romance [Paperback edition] [extract from 1985, p.36 (- paraphrasing From Ritual to Romance, by Jessie L. Weston, 1920, chap.VII)]

Lorimer, George C.

138 * Under the Evergreens; or, A Night with St Nicholas [1874, pp.124-125]

MacLeod, Charlotte]

139 * Mystery Readers International: Murder For Christmas?? by Patricia J. Fanning [summary of Murder Goes Mumming, by Alisa Craig [pseud], 1981]

Manning, Anne]

140 * One Trip More, And Other Stories [by [Anon], n.d., pp.144-147, 153-158 - 'The Lady of Linwood Manor']

Marcet, Jane]

141 * Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England [by [Anon], 1830, Vol.II pp.48-49 - "Mummers"]

Marchant, Ian

142 * Panchester Plough Play [unpublished interlude from his The Battle for Dole Acre, 2001]

McIntyre, Hazel

143 * To Raise the Dead [extract from her Iron Wheels on Rocky Lanes, 1993]

McKeever, Harriet B.

144 * Maude and Miriam; [1871, pp.66-67 - mummers]

McKeown, Jack

145 * Emigrant's Farewell

Melwood, Mary

146 * The Small Blue Hoping Stone [Book for sale: - incorporates Derby Tup play from Carlton-in-Lindrick, Nottinghamshire]

Metcalfe, John

147 * Bunderley Boggard and other plays [n.d., pp.(7 - 'Introduction', by F.W. Moorman - Christmas "peace eggers";) 29 - 'Bunderley Boggard']

Moore, Charlotte Trimmer ?]

148 * Country Houses [by [Anon], 1832, Vol.I pp.44-45]

Morgan, Lady [Sydney]

149 * The Princess; or The Beguine [1835, Vol.III p.247 - like "Divel-doubt" in the Christmas mummeries]

Nadger, Arthur B. [pseud ?]

150 * The Brampton Bugle [Spoof satirical pseudo-mediaeval prose composition against mummers from "Nadger's History of England"]

Oliphant, Margaret]

151 * Ailieford [by [Anon], 1853, Vol.I p.7 - guisards]
152 * John Arnold [by [Anon], 1862, Vol.II p.136; 147-160]

Oxenham, Elsie J. [pseud]

Elsie J. Dunkerley wrote a long series of books for girls called 'The Abbey Girls', based on the adventures of pupils at a girls' boarding school. Folk dancing was a recurrent theme in her plots, and Mummers were a peripheral feature of the 11th title - The Abbey Girls Go Back to School [1922] and a central feature of the 39th title - An Abbey Champion (1946).

153 * Abbey Girls of Australia [summary of her The Abbey Girls Go Back to School, [1922] and her An Abbey Champion, 1946]
154 * Elsie J. Oxenham Appreciation Society [extract from her An Abbey Champion, 1946, pp.110-112, 164-166, 168-173, 182-183]
155 * The Mummers [citation of Val Mackay, in The Abbey Chronicle, No.9, Sep. 1991, pp.7-9]

P., J.W.

156 * The Mummers [in The Graphic, Vol.40 No.1048, 28th Dec. 1889, p.798abc - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century British Library Newspapers]

Peacock, Edward

157 * Ralf Skirlaugh [1870, Vol.III pp.226-244]

Peacock, Thomas Love

158 * Crotchet Castle [1887, Chapter XVIII - mummers]

Pease, Howard

159 * Tales of Northumbria [1899, p.88 - 'An Ammytoor Detective' - as Newcastle Courant - sword-dancers sing about Alexander the Great]
160 * The Mark o' the Deil : and other Northumbrian Tales [1894, pp.70-71 - '"Wor Jimmy"' - pitman used to be with sword-dancers - Subscription required for British Library 19th Century Collection]

Pepys, [Lady] Charlotte Maria

161 * The Diary and Houres of the Ladye Adolie [1853, pp.158-159 [- fiction]]

Phillpotts, Eden

162 * The Three Brothers [1909, pp.69-78, ch.VIII & pp.100-112, ch.XI - the vicar revives the mummers [- his Dartmoor novels influenced by Thomas Hardy's Wessex novels]]

Porter, Anna Maria

163 * Roche-Blanche; [1822, Vol.I p.184]

Porter, Jane

164 * Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative of His Shipwreck, [1831, Vol.II pp.306-307 [- fiction]]

Putney, Mary Jo

165 * A Holiday Fling [extract from her Christmas Revels - talking about staging a mummers' play]

Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas

166 * The Delectable Duchy [1906 - 'The Prince of Abyssinia's Post-Bag : II. The Great Fire on Freethy's Quay' - mummers, guise dancers and darkey-parties]

Rawnsley, [Rev] H.D.

167 * Poems, Ballads, and Bucolics [1890, pp.129, vi - 'Old Times' - "Plough-Jags" - [son of Rector of Halton Holegate, Lincolnshire i.e. "between Horncastle, Louth, and Boston"]]

Rawnsley, E.F.

168 * Months at the Lakes [by Rev H.D. Rawnsley [Vicar of Wray], 1906, (p.8 - "pasch eggers" at Grasmere;) 12-17 - paraphrasing Pace-Eggin' Time, by Miss [Eleanor Foster] Simpson [later his wife], 1906]

Raymond, Walter

169 * Fortune's Darling [1901, pp.196-198 - in Somerset - via Ewing?]

Reade, Charles

170 * Put Yourself in his Place [1870, Chapter XIII - Mummers performing a sword dance play]
171 * Put Yourself in his Place [by [Anon], in Cornhill Magazine, Vol:XX No.118, Oct. 1869, pp.387-388]

Redmond, John

172 * The Alexandra Sequence [Book for sale: 2016]

Robinson, Ian

173 * Rupert and the Christmas Play [citation of him, in Rupert Annual, No.67, 2002, pp.81-93]

Rogers, Mike

174 * Coln Rogers [internet only] [Mummers' Play]

Rosenthal, Pam

175 * Almost a Gentleman [2003 - interview with the author]

Saffron [pseud]

176 * Curiosities, Grotesqueries, Follies & Strange Customs [Semi-truthful hoax article on English folklore, including a photo of "The ‘Ganderman’ of Linctus Peverell village in the Cotswolds"(in fact a picture of Heptonstall Pace-Eggers' Tosspot, with intro and song lifted from Round the Horne by "Rambling Syd Rumpo"), and a so-called Pace-Egging procession Burscough near Ormskirk]

Scott, Sir Walter

177 * Chronicles of the Canongate - 'The Surgeon's Daughter' [Waverley Novels, Magnum Opus edition, Vol.XXXXVIII] [1833, p.224fn - Galatian]
178 * Marmion; A Tale of Flodden Field [1808, p.303 - 'Introduction to Canto Sixth' - "Who lists may in their mumming see, Traces of ancient mystery; White shirts supplied the masquerade, And smutted cheeks the visors made; But, O! what maskers, richly dight, Can boast of bosoms half so light!"]

Seymour, Mrs William Wood

179 * Christmas Holidays at Cedar Grove [1858, p.48 - via Hone?]

Slaney, George Wilson

180 * Little Houses : A Tale of Past Years [US edition] [by George Woden [pseud][born at Wednesbury], 1919, pp.108, 2 - at Pedley Hill [Wednesbury ?]]

Slow, Edward

181 * The Fifth Series of Wiltshire Rhymes and Tales in the Wiltshire Dialect [[1894], pp.53-54 - 'Gramfer's Crismis']

Smith, Rev Frederick R. [Wesleyan Methodist Minister]

182 * Beckside Lights [continuing Clog Shop Chronicles] [by John Ackworth [pseud], 1897, pp.37, 76 - 'Leah's Lover' - a pace-eggin' at Beckside [Stoneclough ?] near Bolton; 134]

Stanton, Bill

183 * Moss [internet only] [Chapter 9 - "Derby Tuppin"]

Sterndale, Mary

184 * The Life of a Boy [by [Mary Sterndale], 1821, Vol.I pp.117-120 - mummers]

Thorndike, Russell

185 * The Courageous Exploits of Doctor Syn [[1939], Chapter IX - covers a performance of the Dymchurch-under-the-Wall Mummers, Kent]

Valentine, Mrs Laura

186 * Audrey [by Miss Laura Jewry, 1853, Vol.I pp.199-202 - Christmas boys - "What the clergyman patronised MUST be genteel-" - [pp. not ordered]]

Vyvyan-Jones, Marc

187 * The Barefoot Book of Rhymes Around the Year [Book for sale: - includes a mumming play at Christmas-time]

Walker, Mrs []

188 * Cousin George and Other Tales [comp., 1845, Vol.I pp.18, 2 - 'Cousin George' - mummers and sword-dancers in Cumberland - could not be refused admittance]

Warner, Susan Bogert & Anna Bartlett Warner

189 * The Christmas Stocking [Helen Montgomery's Bookcase] [by [Elizabeth Wetherell & Amy Lothrop [pseuds]], 1854, pp.243-250]

Waugh, Edwin

190 * The Works] : Besom Ben Stories [ed. by George Milner, n.d., - 'The Old Blanket', chap.II - "Pace-Egging"]
191 * The Works] : The Chimney Corner [ed. by George Milner, n.d., p.75 - '"Send Tummus Up!"' - as Manchester Critic, 1874 - a-pace-eggin']
192 * The Works] : The Chimney Corner [ed. by George Milner, n.d., p.? - '"He's Coming Too!"' - as Manchester Critic, 1874 - fragment]
193 * The Works] : The Chimney Corner [ed. by George Milner, n.d., p.? - 'A Snip in a Trap' - as Manchester Critic, 1874 - fragment]

Whitaker, Edward

194 * Parley Magna [1876, Vol.I p.6 - Christmas-boys or mummers]

White, T.H.

195 * The Once and Future King [4th impression] [1958/1959 - 'The Sword in the Stone' - chap.XV - mummers]

Wood, William MacDonald

196 * Modern Scottish Poets with Critical and Biographical Notices : Sixth Series [by [D.H. Edwards], 1883, p.112 - 'Old and New' - "Wi' solemn words in daft array, Like guisers on the street;"]

Woods, Vincent

197 * At the Black Pig's Dyke [Book for sale: in ]
198 * The Traditional Mummers' Play in British Political Drama: Edward Bond's 'The Fool', 1975 / Vincent Woods' 'At the Black Pig's Dyke', 1992 [citation of Martin W. Walsh, at 38th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 8th-11th May 2003]
199 * The Traditional Mummers’ Play in British Political Drama: Edward Bond’s The Fool (1975) and Vincent Woods’ At the Black Pig’s Dyke (1992) [citation of Martin W. Walsh, in Medieval English Theatre, Vol.25, 2003, pp.177-186]

Wright, [Rev] J.J. [Unitarian Minister of Commission Street, Bolton][wife's father lived at Newchurch]

200 * Merry, Merry Boys [1888, pp.59-62, 44 - 'Niggers and Cocoanuts' - and pace-eggers at Old-kirk [Newchurch] between Baltic [Mill, Waterfoot] and Bridlegate [Bridleway, Piercy] - [incidentally, see]]

Yonge, Charlotte Mary

A popular Victorian children's author, her story The Christmas Mummers was first published in her Magazine for the Young, Vol.XVI No.5, May 1857, pp.159-168 - Vol.XVII No.3, Mar. 1858, pp.73-84. It has the performance of a Mummers' play as its central theme. See Traditional Drama Forum, No.3, Oct. 2001 for an article suggesting a Doctor's name derives from the character in Yonge's novel.

201 * John Keble's Parishes [1898 - [Otterbourne ?] text]
202 * Review of "The Christmas Mummers" [by [Anon][Jane Williams], in Athenaeum, No.1593, 8th May 1858, p.593]
203 * Soaps Suds Again [in Newsletter & Review of the Charlotte M Yonge Fellowship, No.8, Winter 1998/99, p.8 - extract from her Monthly Packet of Evening Readings for Members of the English Church, Ser.3 Vol.VII Pt.XXXVII, Jan. 1884, p 60 - "Boxing Day began damp and weary. Mummers stood outside the gin-shops and crowds round them drinking."]
204 * The Carbonels [[] - wall-paper "that he used to make caps for the Christmas-boys"]
205 * The Christmas Mummers [by [Anon], 1858, pp.79-102 - text]

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