Folk Play Links - Modern Compositions & Adaptations

Compiled by C. Little

Some people write their own Mummers' play, sometimes incorporating traditional lines, but often completely new.

A conference paper at discusses the implications of modern compositions.

Akoko [pseud]

001 * Mumming Play of King George and the Turkish Knight

Beales, Brendan

002 * Brendan Beales [The list includes "Mummers` Play - folk music and drama project"]

Beryl [pseud]

003 * Saint George's Day Mummers' Play

Bird, Michael

004 * Thakeham Mummers Play [covering local scandals and events]

Blaustein, Marcia

005 * New Brunswick Mummer's Play [photo]

Bloom Jacob

006 * A Mummer's Play [A Klez Act : Story and Dance for a New Jewish Tradition]

Brown, William L.

007 * Saint George W. Mummers Play

Carpenter, Edward

008 * Edward Carpenter Collection [citation of Ref. MSS 63 - St George and the Dragon, 1895 - manuscript]
009 * My Days and Dreams : Being Autobiographical Notes [by Edward Carpenter, 1916, p.327 - 'Appendix II : Bibliography' - citation of St. George and the Dragon, 1895; … [2nd edition], 1908]

Collins, Martin

010 * The Play of the battle between the Summer & Winter Kings [1997 - as his book - Archived]

Douglas, Dewey L.

011 * Wingit Productions [Script for sale: St. George and the Dragon]

Edgar, John

012 * Story John! [Script for sale: St. George's Play ]

Einauga Kindred

013 * Žrimskviša Mummer’s Play [A theatrical rendition of the Žrymskviša (found in the Poetic Edda) set in a pseudo Mummer style.]

Galbraith, Susan

014 * May Day Mumming [Script for Bassett Street Hounds]
015 * The Neo-Mumming Plays of Syracuse [by Christine Gaca, in American Morris Newsletter, Vol.14 No.1, Mar./Apr. 1990, pp.21-23]
016 * The Queen of Winternet [May Day Mumming Play 1995 - Archived]
017 * The Queen of Winternet [Photos of Burlington High School Drama's performance.]

Green Family

018 * The True Account of Brave St George and the Frightful Dragon [photo]

Harlow, Ray

019 * Worth Gardeners' Society Christmas [photo]

Holmes, Rich

020 * The annotated Griffin Road Mumming Play [Text adapted from traditional sources, Dec. 2002]

Hussey, Leigh Ann

021 * The Play of John Barleycorn

Leopolds Ghost [pseud]

022 * A Fitzmas Mummer's Play [A political parody featuring US President George W. Bush and Patrick Fitzgerald]

Linden, Will

023 * ISN News: The Zocalo Today [Snippet of a play suggested for fans of Babylon 5. Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:12:04 PM EST]

Macnamara, Margaret

024 * University of Bristol : Theatre Collection : Margaret Macnamara Archive [citation of Saint George and the Turkish Knight, ?]

Manui, Barbara & Adams, Chris

025 * Apocryphal Scenes from St. Nobian's: A Story set Where Yamara Has To Live, by S. John Ross [Dialogue set within the context of a story]


026 * Andor [Photos of the mummers play at the handfasting of Vicka and Daniel]
027 * Lori Fassman [Photo of the mummers play at the wedding of David and Lori]
028 * St. Jeremy and the Rhinos of Princess Bride [at the wedding Jeremy and Angela]
029 * Tom Yu [Photo of the mummers play at the handfasting of Tom and Amy]
030 * Wedding Mummers Plays in the Cambridge-Somerville Tradition [Includes the scripts of 12 plays composed in the Mummers' play idiom for different weddings. Collected by Lenore J.Cowen]

McCullough, L.E.

031 * Plays of the Songs of Christmas [1997 - comprises "12 one-act dramatiziations of how our favorite Christmas songs were composed".]

Patterson, Barry

032 * Mummer's Play for the Eclipse, Hurlers 1999 [photos]

Place, Vanessa

033 * A Mummer's Play : Cut-up, in the Vulgar [by Vanessa Place, in Fold Appropriate Text, Vol.1, 2007, pp.129-133]

Roth, Charles

034 * A Christmas Chantycle

Rutemple [pseud]

035 * In Honour of the Season : The Shortest Known Mummer's Play [A 9-line (yet complete) play for finger puppets]

Schotter, Richard & Roni

036 * There's a Dragon About [Performed by The New School, Newark, Delaware Christmas Revels, 1998]
037 * There's a Dragon About: A Winter's Revel

Thorn Household

038 * Thunder and the Dragon : A Heathen Mummers Play [by the Thorn Household, in Thunder, Iss.15, Summer 2000]

Varg [pseud]

039 * Mid Summer Play [photo]

Ward, Mel

040 * Mitchell Library Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales [Ref. MLMSS 6927/1-33] [Morris Mummer's Play']

Youth Fellowship

041 * George and the Dragon [performed in Market Drayton 1998 (There's a Dragon but no George!)]
042 * This is a Play about the City of Somewhere ["A Street drama with a mummers play feel to it."]

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