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Compiled by C. Little

Some non-play customs and their practitioners have the same names as the plays and their actors. e.g. Cakers, Guisers, Mummers, Pace Eggers, Morris Dancers, Plough Bullocks, Soulers, Sword Dancers etc. This can be confusing.

Publications listed may be cited as well as full text.


001 * A Catalogue of the Manuscripts preserved in the British Museum hitherto undescribed: …; including the Collections of Sir Hans Sloane, Bart. .... [comp. by Samuel Ayscough [Clerk!], 1782, pp.321, vii-viii Vol.I - 'Ms. 4784 [Very Rev Dr Jeremiah Milles Collection]' - No.11 - via Duke of Chandos - was Clarendon Ms. Vol.20 No.11]
002 * Bodley's Visit to Lecale, County of Down, A.D. 1602-3 [- as now Trinity College Dublin Library Ms. 1087] [by [Rev [William] Reeves], in Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol.2, 1854, pp.92-93 - copy of British Library Add. Ms. 4784]
003 * Catalogi Codicum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae : Pt.IV : Codices of Right Rev Thomas Tanner [by Alfred Hackman, 1860, col.771 - 'Ms. 444']
004 * Catalogi Librorum Manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae in Unum Collecti, [by the late Rev [Edward] Bernard & Humphrey Wanley, 1697 [1698], Vol.II Pt.II p.5 - 'Henrici [2nd] Comitis Clarendonii' - Vol.20 No.11 - was Ware Ms.]
005 * Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin [comp. by T.K. Abbott [Librarian], 1900, pp.122 - 'Ms. 734' - ?; 191, vi - 'Ms. 1087' - copy of British Library Add. Ms. 4784; [not catalogued - 'Ms. 1751' - via James and Mary Lee Tregaskis [bookseller] - was Phillipps Ms. 9321]]
006 * Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca D. Thomae Phillipps, Bart. [1837, Pt.1 pp.147, 137 - 'Ms. 9321' - via Thomas Thorpe [bookseller] - was Southwell Ms.?]
007 * Catalogus. Librorum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca Jacobi Waraei : Equitis Aurati [1648, p.7 - 'Libri Historici, Politici et Geographici' - Vol.XX No.4 - Subscription required for Chadwyck-Healey: Early English Books Online]
008 * Illustrations of Irish History and Topography, Mainly of the Seven-Teenth Century [extract from C.Litton Falkiner, 1904, pp.342-343 - extract from Bodley's Visit to Lecale, County of Down, A.D. 1602-3, by [Rev [William] Reeves], in Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol.2, 1854, pp.92-93]
009 * The Old Irish World [by Alice Stopford Green, 1912, pp.145-146, 166 - 'A Castle at Ardglass' - extract from Bodley's Visit to Lecale, County of Down, A.D. 1602-3, by [Rev [William] Reeves], in Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol.2, 1854, pp.92-93]


010 * An History of the Original Parish of Whalley, [3rd edition, revised and enlarged, only] [by Thomas Dunham Whitaker [Vicar of Whalley], 1818, p.309 - 'The Journal of Nicholas Assheton, of Downham,' - 6th Jan. 1618 - Read seen at Whalley]
011 * Briercliffe Society [at Burnley - 2 posts]
012 * Briercliffe Society [at Burnley - 4 posts; (citation of book, by Stephen Booth)]
013 * Guising and Mumming in Derbyshire. I. The Old Tup. II. The Old Horse [by S.O. Addy, in Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, Vol.XXIX, 1907, pp.(31-42 - Castleton, Handsworth Woodhouse & Handsworth old tup songs, at Upperthorpe, Norton & Dronfield; [Eckington ?] "the old horse" song, at Norton & Dronfield;) 36 - mumming (non-play) at Laneshaw Bridge; (42fn - guisers at Aston-on-Trent)]
014 * Lancashire Folk-Lore: [comps. & eds. by John Harland & T.T. Wilkinson, 1867, pp.254-256 - 'Christmas Customs in the Fylde' - extract from History of Blackpool, by William Thornber [Incumbent [Perpetual Curate] of Blackpool][! born at Poulton-le-Fylde], 1837 , pp.88-92 - Christmas "Mutes"; (saumas cake;) both at Poulton-le-Fylde, about eighty years ago]
015 * OneGuyFromBarlick ["Mumming" at Colne]
016 * The History of Burnley : [Pts.{1} & 2] : {to 1400} & 1400 to 1650 [Book for sale: by W. Bennett, {1946} & 1947 / 1988, pp.154-155 - ?]
017 * The Journal of Nicholas Assheton of Downham, [ed. by Rev F.R. Raines, 1848, pp.74-75 - as above, with additional notes]


018 * Carriages & Coaches : Their History and their Evolution [by Ralph Straus, 1912, p.93 - extract from Coach and Sedan pleasantly disputing for Place and Precedence, the Brewer's Cart being Moderator, by Mis-amaxius, 1636]
019 * Coach and Sedan, Pleasantly Disputing for Place and Precedence : The Brewers-Cart being Moderator [by Mis-amaxius [Henry Peacham the Younger], 1636, img.5 - "(not much unlike that which Mummers make of strawen hatts)" - Subscription required for Chadwyck-Healey: Early English Books Online]

New York

020 * Antiquities of Long Island [by [the late] Gabriel Furman, ed. by Frank Moore, 1874, pp.258-259 - as MS., 1824-1838 - firing the New Year in; extract from Acts of 8th Mar. 1773 and 22nd Apr. 1785 - see Philadelphia]
021 * Colonial Days in Old New York [New Netherland] [by Alice Morse Earle, 1896, pp.186-187 - paraphrasing Furman]
022 * Holidays [by [Gabriel Furman ?], in United States Review, Vol.III No.?, Jul. 1854, pp.64-65 - as above; extract from Ordinance, 31st Dec. 1675; extract from Marquis de Chastellux; revived to some extent]
023 * Travels in North-America, in the Years 1780-81-82 [US edition] [by [François-Jean de Beauvoir] Marquis de Chastellux, trans. by An English Gentleman [George Grieve][Watt adopted GM presumption and DNB misread Tate], 1827, pp.199-200 - New Year firing at Albany, 1781 - see Philadelphia]
024 * Voyages de M. le Marquis de Chastellux dans l'Amérique Septentrionale dans les années 1780, 1781 & 1782 [1786, Vol.I pp.367-369]
025 * Winter Amusements in New York in the Early 19th Century [by [the late] Gabriel Furman, in New-York Historical Society : Quarterly Bulletin, Vol.XXIII No.1, Jan. 1939, p.16 - as New-York Historical Society MS., 1830&1845 - firing on New Year, now entirely ceased]


026 * Antiquitates Vulgares; [by Henry Bourne [Curate of All Saints, Newcastle], 1725, pp.147-150 - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]

Nova Scotia

027 * Folklore of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia [by Helen Creighton, 1950, pp.59-60 - German "belsnickling" firing the old year out and the New Year in - see Philadelphia]
028 * The Diary of Adolphus Gaetz [ed. by Charles Bruce Fergusson [Archivist of Nova Scotia Archives], 1965, pp.67, 12 - '31st Dec. 1861' - firing away the old year out and the new year in at Lunenburg - see Philadelphia]


029 * Privy Purse Expenses of the Princess Mary, [ed. by Frederick Madden, 1831, p.252 - 'Index and Notes' - as below, but he names them morris-dancers]
030 * Sir Frederic Madden at Oxford [by C.K. Francis Brown, in Oxoniensia, Vol.XXXV, 1970, p.45 - extract from Bodleian Library Ms. Eng. Hist. c.140-182 - '14th May 1825' - troops of dancing Mummers or Mazers]


031 * A Day in the Ma'sh [in the Neck] [by Maurice F. Egan, in Scribner's Monthly, Vol.XXII No.3, Jul. 1881, pp.350; 344 - "New-Year's shooting" [- but actually is German "bell snicklin'" rather than English "mumming"]; with illustration, by Henry R. Poore?]
032 * British Pathe
033 * Extracts from the Journal of Elizabeth Drinker, [ed. by Henry D. Biddle [her great-grandson], 1889, pp.130 - '31st Dec. 1780' - foolish custom; 217 - '31st Dec. 1793' - foolish custom; 354 - '31st Dec. 1799' - ridiculous custom; 370 - '31st Dec. 1801' & '1st Jan. 1802' - absurd custom - all of firing out the old year]
034 * Lower Merion Historical Society [Joseph Price's diary (31st Dec. 1825) - firing away the old year]
035 * Mummers" of 50 Years Ago [by [Anon], in Evening Ledger, Vol.I No.83, 18th Dec. 1914, p.8d - "New Year shooters" in the Neck were [German] "Bell Snicklin'" rather than English "mummers"]
036 * New Year's Eve and New Year's Day [by Uneda [William Duane][son of William J. Duane], in Notes and Queries, [1st Ser.] Vol.VIII No.217, 24th Dec. 1853, p.618 - German "firing out the old year" and "firing in the new year"]
037 * Notes on Italy [by Rembrandt Peale [lived at Philadelphia], 1831, p.178 - '31st Jan. 1829' - like firing away the old year]
038 * Philadelphia : A History of the City and its People [by Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer, [1912?], Vol.I pp.167-168 - protest against German "shooting out" in 1751 then prohibited in 1774]
039 * Philadelphia New Year's Shooters and Mummers Association
040 * Strut! [The Movie]
041 * The Mummers' Curse [extract from Gillian Roberts, 1996 - set during the Philadelphia New Year Mummers' parade - Chapter 1 - Literary Work]
042 * The New Year Mummers of Quaker-Town [Philadelphia] [by Ralph D. Paine [had lived at Philadelphia], in Outing, Vol.XLV No.6, Mar. 1905, pp.690-700 - with photos]
043 * The Philadelphia Mummers : Building Community Through Play [Book for sale: by Patricia Anne Masters, 2007]
044 * The Philadelphia Mummers: A New Year Pageant [citation of Glah, in New York Folklore Quarterly, Vol.VIII No.4, Winter 1952, pp.291-300]


045 * Diary of William Bulkeley [University of Bangor Library [Ref. Henblas A Mss. 18-19] - (6th Jan. 1735) - mum[m]ing; (1st Jan. 1737) - mumming at Llysdulas, Dulas [home of his wife's brother]; ((4th Apr. 1737) - Trysglwyn, Parys Mountain [home of his wife's sister] school boy begging for eggs seen; (11th Apr. 1750) - school boy begging for eggs; (12th Apr. 1754) - school boys begging for eggs) - all else at Brynddu, Llanfechell [his home] [- see also Religion and Politics in mid-eighteenth century Anglesey, by Evans, 1953; Social Life in mid-eighteenth century Anglesey, by Evans, 1936]]

West Yorkshire

046 * Beggar Manuscripts: [Subscription edition] [by Thomas Ince, 1888, pp.41-42, xi - 'Latter Wit' - "The Peace-Egg, and Mumming, and Bonfire games, creating much hullabaloo" - at [Bingley ?], when he was a lad - Literary Work]
047 * Chronicles and Stories of Old Bingley [by Harry Speight, 1898, p.275 - mummers (non-play); (The Peace Egg, or Sword Dancers)]
048 * Flowers of Ebor [by Thomas Crossley [born at Ovenden], 1837, pp.64-65 - 'Christmas Customs : No.II : The Sweepers' - "sweeping out the old year" - Literary Work]
049 * General Home News : [in Hull Packet and East Riding Times, No.4644, 9th Jan. 1874, p.3c - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century British Library Newspapers]
050 * Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society : Local History Collection [Ref. YDPE] [citation of Good luck's afoot when Mummers come sweeping in, by Beryl Jones, in Manchester Evening News and Chronicle, No.29410, 31st Dec. 1963, p.3defghi - at Hebden Bridge & Todmorden]
051 * Mumming" [by William Andrews, in Notes and Queries, 5th Ser. Vol.I No.14, 4th Apr. 1874, p.383 - [paraphrasing General Home News, in Hull Packet and East Riding Times, No.4644, 9th Jan. 1874, p.3c] - "sweep out the old year" at Bradford]
052 * Notes on the Folk Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders [by William Henderson, 1866, pp.54, xi - note by Rev S. Baring-Gould [Curate of Horbury] - mummers (non-play) at Wakefield, Stanley [sic] & Horbury; (Christmas-tup at Horbury)]
053 * Survey of English Dialects (SED) Incidental Material [Refs. (6Y4; 6Y21; 6Y27;) 6Y29; (6Y32)] [Pace Egging Songs at Egton; Pace Egging Songs at Heptonstall; Christmas Mumming at Carleton;) Mumming at Golcar; (Plough Bullocks at Ecclesfield)]
054 * The Letters to Gilbert White of Selborne from … the Rev John Mulso [Rector of Thornhill] [ed. by Rashleigh Holt-White [his great-grandnephew], [1906], pp.159, 148 - 'Letter 97 : 13th Jan 1761' - Mummers (non-play ?) at [Thornhill] - unfortunately, untold because he didn't have room]
055 * The South & West Yorkshire Village Book [extract from comp. South & West Yorkshire Federations of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Laycock' - Mumming Night]
056 * This Unknown Island [2nd impression] [by S.P.B. Mais, 1932 [sic], pp.7-9, 20-21, vii - 'Haworth' - transcription of BBC Radio, 4th Jan. 1932 - mummers (non-play), 1931]
057 * Yorkshire Sword-Actors [by T.M. Fallow, in Antiquary, Vol.XXXI No.?, May 1895, pp.138-142 - [Potternewton] near Leeds ("sword-actors" fragment; with five photos;) "mummers" (non-play) - about fifteen years ago]


058 * Bibliotheca Ms. Stowensis [majority was Thomas Astle Collection] [by Rev Charles O'Conor [Librarian to 2nd Marquess of Buckingham], Vol.II, 1819, p.388 - 'Ms. XXXIII' - No.10 - copy, by Elias Ashmole, from Bodleian Library Ms.]
059 * Catalogue of the Stowe Manuscripts in the British Museum [by [British Museum Department of Manuscripts], Vol.I : Text, 1895, p.679 - 'Ms. 1055 [re-numbered]' - No.10 - copy from Bodleian Library Ms. Aubrey 1]
060 * Memoir of John Aubrey, [by John Britton, 1845, pp.84-85 - citation of Bodleian Library Ms. Aubrey 1 - manuscript for An Essay Towards the Description of the North Division of Wiltshire, by John Aubrey]
061 * Miscellanies On Several Curious Subjects: Now first Publish'd from their Respective Originals [ed. by [Richard Rawlinson], 1714, p.30 - 'An Introduction to the Survey and Natural History of the North-Division of the County of Wiltshire', by J. Aubrey [- as Bodleian Library Ms. Aubrey 1] - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]
062 * Miscellanies upon Various Subjects [4th edition only] [by John Aubrey, 1857, p.215 - 'Appendix' - extract from Miscellanies On Several Curious Subjects, 1714 - 'An Introduction to the Survey and Natural History of the North-Division of the County of Wiltshire']
063 * Observations on Popular Antiquities: [with additions] [by John Brand, rev. by Henry Ellis, 1813, Vol.I pp.354-358 - 'Mumming' - fnA - (citation of Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards, by Joseph C. Walker, 1786, pp.152-154;) extract from An Abridgement of the Notable Worke of Polidore Vergile …, by Thomas Langley, 1546, f.Ciii; fnE - extract from Antiquarian Repertory, No.XXVI; extract from book - 'Introduction' to 'Survey of Wiltshire', by Aubrey]
064 * The Customs and Manners of the English [in Antiquarian Repertory, Vol.III No.II [No.XXVI], Feb? 1780, p.45 - extract from Thomas Astle Collection - Subscription required for Gale: Eighteenth Century Collections Online]


065 * Worcestershire Mummers [citation of C. Cattermole, in Illustrated London News, Vol.XXXIV No.955, 15th Jan. 1859, pp.72, 70 - illustration]
066 * Worcestershire Mummers [by C. Cattermole, in Illustrated London News, Vol.XXXIV No.955, 15th Jan. 1859, pp.72, 70 - illustration]


067 * An Abridgement of the Notable Worke of Polidore Vergile ... [trans. by Thomas Langley, 1546, f.Ciii - Subscription required for Chadwyck-Healey: Early English Books Online]

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