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Compiled by C. Little

Some non-play customs and their practitioners have the same names as the plays and their actors. e.g. Cakers, Guisers, Mummers, Pace Eggers, Morris Dancers, Plough Bullocks, Soulers, Sword Dancers etc. This can be confusing.

Publications listed may be cited as well as full text.


001 * A History of Grantchester in the County of Cambridge [by S.P. Widnall, 1875, pp.(132 - Plough Monday;) 135 - Christmas Eve "mumps"]
002 * A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely. Vol.05 [ed. by C.R. Elrington, 1973, p.200 - 'Grantchester', by A.P.M. Wright - citation of A History of Grantchester in the County of Cambridge, by S.P. Widnall, 1875, pp.(132;) 135]


003 * British Monachism; [New edition, very much enlarged, only] [by Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke [sic][Curate of Walford], 1817, p.74 - "Mumping-day"]
004 * Companion to the Wye Tour. Ariconensia; or, Archaeological Sketches of Ross, and Archenfield: [by Thomas Dudley Fosbroke [Curate of Walford], 1821, p.70 - "mumping"; paraphrasing Brand]
005 * Manners and Customs of Herefordshire [by A.B.C. D. [Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke ?][sic][Curate of Walford], in Gentleman's Magazine: & Historical Chronicle, Vol.LXXXIX Pt.1:Feb. (New Ser. Vol.12), Jan.-Jun. 1819, p.110 - "mumping"]
006 * Memorials of Old Herefordshire [ed. by Rev Compton Reade, 1904, p.160 - 'Folk-lore of the Shire', by Mrs F.H. Leather - ""]


007 * A Glossary or Collection of Words, Phrases, Place Names, Superstitions, &c., Current in East Lincolnshire [3rd edition] [by Jabez Good [lived at Burgh le Marsh], n.d., pp.59, 11 - entry for 'Mumping' - informed by his customer [Anon]]
008 * A History of Clee and the Thorpes of Clee; [parish][Old Clee] [by [Rev] C.Ernest Watson [Congregational Minister][born at Cleethorpes], 1901, p.59 - "Saint Thomasing"]
009 * Our Old Town [Gainsborough] [by Thomas Miller, [1857], pp.242-243, viii - "mumping", in my younger years; (Plough Monday)]

North Yorkshire

010 * Forty Years in a Moorland Parish [by Rev J.C. Atkinson [Incumbent [Vicar of Danby], 1891, p.379 - Castleton "St Thomasing" at Stormy Hall, Botton]
011 * Life in a Yorkshire Village (With special reference to the , of Carlton-in-Cleveland, ...) [by J. Fairfax Blakeborough [son of Richard Blakeborough], 1912, pp.37, 103, vii - "mumping" at Carlton in Cleveland and Great Busby, half a century ago - informed by W.H. Burnett [born at Stokesley]]
012 * Rural England Sixty Years Ago : III [by Old Eborite [pseud], in Teesdale Mercury, No.3054, 14th Jan. 1914, p.8f - "mumpers"; ([unlocated] "plough-Monday" fragment)]


013 * The History and Antiquities of Bicester, [by John Dunkin, 1816, pp.270-271 - "Mumping"]


014 * Appendicia et Pertinentiae; or, Parochial Fragments relating to the Parish of West Tarring, [by John Wood Warter [Vicar of West Tarring with Heene and Durrington][born at Cruckmeole], 1853, p.311fn - "going a gooding" and "going a corning" in Shropshire and Warwickshire, twenty years ago; superseded by Christmas-box, of late years]


015 * Gooding" on St Thomas's Day [by Cuthbert Bede [Rev Edward Bradley][Perpetual Curate of Bobbington], in Notes and Queries, 2nd Ser. Vol.IV No.103, 19th Dec. 1857, pp.487-488 - at [Bobbington]]


016 * Custom on St Thomas's Day [by Cuthbert Bede [Rev Edward Bradley], in Notes and Queries, [1st Ser.] Vol.VIII No.217, 24th Dec. 1853, p.617 - Harvington [near Evesham] song]
017 * Overbury Church [by Rev C. Glynn [Vicar of Overbury], in Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Vol.XIX, 1895, p.49 - song]
018 * St. Clement's and St. Thomas's Day [by T. Goldseer, in Notes and Queries, [1st Ser.] Vol.V No.130, 24th Apr. 1852, p.393 - at [unlocated]]


019 * Mumping [by A. H. [Rev Arthur Hall][Congregational Minister], in Notes and Queries, 7th Ser. Vol.VIII No.187, 27th Jul. 1889, p.72 - "It seems desirable to connect "mumming" also with "mumping","]
020 * Observations on Popular Antiquities: [with additions] [by John Brand, rev. by Henry Ellis, 1813, Vol.I p.350 - 'Going a gooding at St Thomas's Day' - fnA - extract from The Chronicles of the Seasons, by A Southern Faunist [pseud], in Gentleman's Magazine: & Historical Chronicle, Vol.LXIV Pt.1:Apr., Jan.-Jun. 1794, p.292; near Maidstone, still kept up; fnB - "going a corning" in Warwickshire - informed by B. Jelkes [his servant]]
021 * Pictures of Country Life, [by Thomas Miller, 1847, p.224 - 'Morton Marsh Manor-House']
022 * Remarkable Days [by [John Millard][Extra Assistant at the British Museum Department of Manuscripts], in Time's Telescope, 1822, pp.298 - "mumping" in Yorkshire and Bedfordshire; (300-301 - "Christmas plays" - extract from History of Cornwall, by Hitchins)]
023 * The Chronicles of the Seasons : Winter, 1793-4 [by A Southern Faunist [Thomas Holt-White ?][incidentally, brother of Gilbert White], in Gentleman's Magazine: & Historical Chronicle, Vol.LXIV Pt.1:Apr., Jan.-Jun. 1794, p.292 - "a-gooding"]
024 * The New Universal Etymological English Dictionary [4th edition] [by N. Bailey, 1756, Vol.II - entry for 'Mumpers']

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