Folk Play Links - New Year Dancing - c.f. on Papa Stour

Compiled by C. Little

Some non-play customs and their practitioners have the same names as the plays and their actors. e.g. Cakers, Guisers, Mummers, Pace Eggers, Morris Dancers, Plough Bullocks, Soulers, Sword Dancers etc. This can be confusing.

Publications listed may be cited as well as full text.


001 * Observations on Popular Antiquities: [with additions] [by John Brand, rev. by Henry Ellis, 1813, Vol.I pp.16-17 - 'New Year's Day' - extract from Old Statistical Account of Scotland]
002 * Orkneyjar [The Stan Stane, North Ronaldsay]
003 * Scran [image archive] [Audio - Subscription required]
004 * The Statistical Account of Scotland. Vol.VII [by Sir John Sinclair, 1793, p.489 - 'United Parishes of Cross and Burness, in the Isle of Sanday, and of North Ronaldshay', by Rev William Clouston [Minister] - 'Antiquities']
005 * Yule in North Ronaldsay [by Ian Scott, in The Orcadian, 17th Jan. 2002]

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