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Compiled by C. Little


001 * Christmas Revels: An Epic Rhapsody in Twelve Duans [by Alfred Croquis [Daniel Maclise], in Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Vol.XVII No.CI, May 1838, p.638]
002 * Colin Dick: A Regionalist Painter in the English Tradition [by Richard Yeomans, in Horizon Review, Iss.1, 13th Sep. 2008 - painting of Coventry Mummers]
003 * Hedingham Fair [Greeting cards and T-shirts for sale:]
004 * Natives in a Mystic State" by Sean Hillen [Photomontage including an old photo of Overton Mummers]
005 * Optimism's Flames [interview with Andy Partridge of XTC regarding their album 'Mummer', including an illustrated discussion of costumes and costume making.]
006 * Poet and Painter [by Adrian Bell, in The Spectator, 26th Nov. 1937, p.962 - Review of "The Country Scene" by John Masefield [poems] & Edward Seago [pictures], 1937 - 'Mummers']
007 * The Exhibition of the Royal Academy. MDCCCXLI. The Seventy-Third. [1841, pp.31, 64 - 'Sheffield grinder's Christmas dinner, with mummers', by R. Turner]
008 * The Exhibition of the Royal Academy. MDCCCXXXVIII. The Seventieth. [1838, pp.27-28, 61 - 'Merry Christmas in the Baron's Hall' , by Daniel Maclise [- now in the National Gallery of Ireland -] citation of Christmas Revels: An Epic Rhapsody in Twelve Duans, by Alfred Croquis [Daniel Maclise], in Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Vol.XVII No.CI, May 1838, p.638]
009 * The Mummers [citation of Richard Eurich, in Illustrated London News, Christmas 1952 - illustration]
010 * Your Paintings [UK National Collection of Oil Paintings] [The Mummers', by Richard Eurich, 1951]


011 * Tom Cullivan [Breffny Ballet incorporates a traditional mummers play]


012 * Understanding Bliss


013 * Alison Jones's Opera Plot Summaries. Harrison Birtwistle's 'Down by the Greenwood Side'
014 * Down by the Greenwood Side [Booklet for sale: by Harrison Birtwhistle, 1969 - Michael Nyman based his libretto on the "Normalized text" in The English Folk-Play, by E.K. Chambers, 1933]
015 * Robin Hood and the Turkish Knight, by Tim Porter [extract]
016 * St George and the Dragon", by Fritz Hart [in The Argus [Melbourne], No.26491, 11th Jul. 1931, p.19cde - photo of private performance (10th Jul.) - public performances (7th and 8th Aug.)]


017 * Black Lantern Puppet Troupe [photos]
018 * Clay and Paper Theatre [photos]
019 * Hobgoblin Hill [photos]
020 * Mister Peter's Puppets [photos]
021 * Tuckers' Tales Puppet Theatre [photo]


022 * Gnus and Roses [CD for sale: by The Mrs Ackroyd Band - Track 5 - 'The Schwarzenegging Song' - parody]
023 * Greatham Sword Dance, by George Unthank
024 * Modern Pace Egging, by Linda Demissy [Words of a pagan parody of the introductory song from a Pace Egging play]
025 * Oxford Mummers, by Howard Haigh [List with 2003 choral workshop]
026 * Rise Up Jock, by Bob Pegg [Recorded by Nowell Sing we Clear]
027 * The Book of Secrets [CD for sale: by Loreena McKennitt - Track 2 - 'The Mummers' Dance' - and video]
028 * The Hound of the Basketballs [Book for sale: by Les Barker, n.d., pp.18-19 - 'The Schwarzenegging Song' - parody]
029 * The Smoked Herring Song, by Lawrence Heath [parody]


030 * BBC Radio 3 - Late Junction, 7th Dec. 2005 [Audio - 'Christmas Champions']
031 * Christmas Champions [CD for sale: by Hugh Lupton et al,]
032 * Doctor Who : Castle of Fear [CD for sale: by Alan Barnes, Oct. 2009 - audio play]
033 * Eyam [Passing reference to Derby Tup play in dramatisation of the story of the Eyam plague village]
034 * Eyam [Book for sale: by Stephen Clark, 1995]
035 * Jack the Lad : A Musical Celebration [Booklet for sale: by David Wood, Dave Arthur & Toni Arthur, 1991, pp.40-44]
036 * The Golden Dream
037 * Western Canada Theatre [Photos and cast for performances of 'Scrooge Meets the Mummers' at the Sagebrush Theatre, 28th Nov. - 7th Dec. 2002]
038 * Wonderbolt Circus [The Sights Before Christmas' written and performed by Beni Malone, with classic English folk play characters.]

Toy Theatre

039 * Thimble Theatre [including St. George and the Dragon]

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