Folk Play Links - Rutland, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Rutland Morris Men [programme]

Libraries & Archives

002 * Deposited Records : Fane [Col W.V.R. King-Fane] [in Archivists' Report, No.18, Apr. 1966 - Mar. 1967, p.23 - copy of Clipsham text]


003 * FTX-452 - As She is Spoke - 2 : Dialect - Midlands & East Anglia [CD for sale: by Peter Kennedy, 1987 - Track 1 - Audio about "Morris Dancers" at Empingham]
004 * May-Day Songs and Celebrations in Leicestershire and Rutland [by Elizabeth Ruddock, in Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol.XL, 1964-65, p.84 - Cottesmore fragment]
005 * Notes on some Edith Weston Village Institutions [by V.B. Crowther-Beynon, in Rutland Magazine and County Historical Record, Vol.II No.14, [Jan.] 1906, pp.177-180 - '3. Morris-Dancers' Play' - [The Grange], Edith Weston text]
006 * Our Neighborhood [by Lady Blanche Murphy [daughter of 2nd Earl of Gainsborough], in The Galaxy, Vol.XVII No.5, May 1874, p.684 - "mummers" at [Exton Hall, Exton]]
007 * Rutland Words [coll. by Rev Christopher Wordsworth [was Rector of Glaston], 1891, pp.23 - entry for 'Mummers' - (at [Stanford in the Vale]; at [Alvechurch ?];) Edith Weston [sic] seen at Lyndon - informed by [T.K.B. Nevinson] Rector of Lyndon; (27 - entry for 'Plough Monday'; entry for 'Plough-Witchers')]
008 * The Plough-Monday-Play in Rutland" [by Mary G. Cherry, in Rutland Magazine and County Historical Record, Vol.I No.6, [Apr.] 1904, pp.195-199 - Clipsham text]

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