Folk Play Links - Shropshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.

Libraries & Archives

001 * Newport History Society : Archive [Refs. 02069; 3079] [citation of Newport text etc; citation of Christmas Mummers in Shropshire, by Wildmoor [Charlotte S. Burne], in Salopian Shreds and Patches, Vol.7, 1885, p.12]
002 * SNAP [image archive] [illustration from Burne Family Collection [- in fact, see below]]


003 * An Old Shropshire Oak [by the late John Wood Warter [Vicar of West Tarring with Heene and Durrington], ed. by Richard Garnett II, Vol.IV, 1891, p.364 - at [Cruckmeole], in his boyhood; ("tiptearers" at [West Tarring])]
004 * Christmas Mummers in Shropshire [by Wildmoor [Charlotte S. Burne], in Salopian Shreds and Patches, Vol.7, 1885, p.12 - at Newport - Subscription required for British Library 19th Century Collection]
005 * Memorials of Old Shropshire [ed. by [Rev] Thomas Auden, 1906, pp.139-140; (140-141) - 'Folk-Lore: Legends and Old Customs', by Charlotte S. Burne - Guisers; (soulers)]
006 * Songs [by Charlotte S. Burne, in Folk-Lore Journal, Vol.IV No.3, Jul? 1886, pp.259-261 - 'Tinker's Song' - sung at (Eccleshall &) Newport - citation of Shropshire Folk-Lore, pt.III]
007 * The Second International Folk-Lore Congress, 1891 [eds. by Joseph Jacobs & Alfred Nutt, 1892, (p.436 - for what is now Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection 'Catalogue of the Exhibition of Objects Connected with Folk-Lore in the Rooms of the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House : Three Pace Eggs (Easter Eggs) from Woodbroughton, near Cartmel, Furness' - "pace-eggers" at Field Broughton & Lowick;) '... : Mummers' Plays in MS., written for Miss Burne by the peasant mummers' / pp.463-464 - 'Conversaziane : 9.55 : The Guisers' Play' - reproduction of [Newport text] as (at Eccleshall)]


008 * E.C. Cawte Collection [extract with brief mention of mummers at Clunbury, in early 19th century.]

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