Folk Play Links - Staffordshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * A History of the County of Stafford. Vol.14 [ed. by M.W. Greenslade, 1990, p.160 - 'The City of Lichfield : Social and Cultural Activities', by N.J. Tringham - "mumming" - citation of Lichfield Morris Men]
002 * Armitage Mummers / Lichfield Morris Men [perform Armitage text]
003 * Christmas Pie [A Christmas Entertainment' [by Ridware Mummers at Ridware Theatre] performing Hamstall Ridware text; script]
004 * Green Man's Morrris and Sword Club (/ Avoncroft Folk Dance Group) [photos; programme; script]
005 * Ridware Mummers / Ridware Theatre [perform Hamstall Ridware text; photos]
006 * Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee (RODSEC) - Queen's Golden Jubilee, 2002 [Rolleston Mummers performing [Lancaster at the top of the page] Rolleston [at the bottom] text; photos]
007 * Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee (RODSEC) - Trafalgar Day, 2005 [Rolleston Mummers performing Rolleston text; photos]
008 * Stafford Morris Men [perform Burntwood, Penkridge & Weston (script by the late Johnny Burke?) texts; photo]
009 * Woodman Folk Club [Formerly, mummers play]

Libraries & Archives

010 * Carl Chinn Archive [Refs. 683 & 684] [Whiteheath text, circa 1900, via Tirley, Gloucestershire?]
011 * Staffordshire Past Track [image archive] [Photo of Uttoxeter Guisers]


012 * Christmas Carol [by e.t. ?. [E.T. K.], in Notes and Queries, Ser.3 Vol.II No.32, 9th Aug. 1862, p.103 - morris-dancers in north Staffordshire]
013 * Guisers' Play, Songs, and Rhymes from Staffordshire [by Charlotte S. Burne, in Folk-Lore Journal, Vol.IV No.4, Oct? 1886, pp.350-357 - Eccleshall text; citation of Shropshire Folk-Lore, p.483; (357-358 - 'Souling Songs' - Eccleshall & Keele songs; citation of Shropshire Folk-Lore, pp.381-388)]
014 * History of Cheadle, in Staffordshire, And Neighbouring Places [by Robert Plant, 1881, pp.20, 19 - "guisers", when I was a boy [1810s] - informed by W.H. Keates [copper smelter], 1875 - Subscription required for British Library 19th Century Collection]
015 * History of Wetton, Thor's Cave, and Ecton Mines [index of Roberts, 1900, pp.50, 65 - "Guisers (custom)"]
016 * Johnny Burke [in The Folk Mag - Mummers at Weston-upon-Trent]
017 * Lectures, Verses, Speeches, Reminiscences, & c. [by William Challinor, 1891, p.34 - as A Few Gleanings Connected with the "History of Leek" [by John Sleigh], in Staffordshire Sentinel, 26th Mar. 1864 - ("Soul caking", Plough Monday, no longer,) guisers at Christmas, now]
018 * Life of Lady Georgiana Fullerton [by Henry James Coleridge, from the French of Mrs Augustus Craven, 1888, p.9 - "mummers" at Tixall Hall, Tixall, 1818]
019 * Links with the Past [by Mrs Charles Bagot [Sophy Louisa Bagot][wife of grandson of 6th Baronet / 1st Baron], 1901, pp.189-190, 157-159 - extract from journal, by Miss Mary Bagot [daughter of Rector of Blithfield][niece of 6th Baronet / 1st Baron] - (All Soul's Eve;) Morrice-dancers; (Abbots Bromley horn dance;) Rugeley seen at Blithfield [Hall, Admaston]]
020 * Merry Christmas formerly Ignored in New England [by George G. Wright, in Cambridge Tribune, Vol.XLIII No.42, 18th Dec. 1920, p.10defg - at [Newcastle-under-Lyme], in my father's [William Wright's] youth [1830s] - "To the boys who were actors in them the impression was lifelong"]
021 * Mummers [by J. G. [Julia Goddard], in Antiquarian Magazine & Bibliographer, Vol.III No.14, [Feb.] 1883, pp.105-106 + No.17, [May], pp.275-276 - at Little Aston; (Little Aston song)]
022 * Old Christmas Customs in the Counties [by Sarah A. Tooley, in English Illustrated Magazine, New Ser. Vol.XXX No.9, Dec. 1903, pp.268-269 - "Guizers" at Betley; (paraphrasing)]
023 * Songs [by Charlotte S. Burne, in Folk-Lore Journal, Vol.IV No.3, Jul? 1886, pp.259-261 - 'Tinker's Song' - sung at Eccleshall (& Newport) - citation of Shropshire Folk-Lore, pt.III]
024 * Staffordshire Knots : The Book of the Bazaar [Stoke=on-Trent Church Day Schools] [by Book Committee, [1895], pp.79 - 'Folk-Lore', by Alice Annie Keary [incidentally, sister of Charles Francis Keary and niece of Annie Keary] - as Proposals for collecting and recording the Folk-Lore of Staffordshire, by Alice Annie Keary and Charlotte Sophia Burne, 1892 - list of topics - Traditional Stories e.g.; (89-90 - Trentham "souling song", 1895)]
025 * Staffordshire Superstitions [by Dorothea Townshend [daughter of Perpetual Curate of Hilderstone], in Folk-Lore, Vol.VIII No.1, Mar. 1897, p.70 - ("going souling" song;) guisers; both at Hilderstone, forty years ago]
026 * The Folklore of Staffordshire [by C.S. Burne, in Journal of the British Archaeological Association, New Ser. Vol.II, 1896, pp.31-32 - "Guisers" at Eccleshall, at Cheadle & about Rugeley; ("souling" in north Staffordshire, but "Clementing" in south Staffordshire; Plough Monday at some villages on the Trent [unlocated] near Burton)]
027 * The Rural Life of England: [by William Howitt, 1838, Vol.II pp.216-217 - at Calden-Low [or Caldon-Low or Cauldon-Low]]
028 * The Second International Folk-Lore Congress, 1891 [eds. by Joseph Jacobs & Alfred Nutt, 1892, (p.436 - for what is now Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection 'Catalogue of the Exhibition of Objects Connected with Folk-Lore in the Rooms of the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House : Three Pace Eggs (Easter Eggs) from Woodbroughton, near Cartmel, Furness' - "pace-eggers" at Field Broughton & Lowick;) '... : Mummers' Plays in MS., written for Miss Burne by the peasant mummers' / pp.463-464 - 'Conversaziane : 9.55 : The Guisers' Play' - reproduction of ([Newport text]) as at Eccleshall]
029 * The Staffordshire Encyclopaedia [by Tim Cockin - about Uttoxeter Guisers [no longer performing]]


030 * Forsbrook Village [J.T. Dennis - "Guisers", until 1914]
031 * Jubilee Arts Archive [Jubilee Theatre and Community Arts Company, West Bromwich] [1974 performances; about Yew Tree Primary School, West Bromwich; citation of Hackwood - Wednesbury text, 1879; photos from Sandwell Records Office, 1976; video, 1976]
032 * Longnor Players [List with Feb. 2002 performance]
033 * Ridware History Society [three parishes] [Hamstall Ridware - citation of Rev John Octavius Coussmaker's [Rector of Hamstall Ridware] diary - text [- see also Roomer, Vol.3 No.2, 1983, pp.7-9]]
034 * Weston - A Brief History, John[ny] Burke, 1975 [internet only] [Guizers performed at the School from 1968. Possibly a modern composition.]

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