Folk Play Links - Warwickshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Christmas Fundraising events [in St Leonard's Church, Ryton-on-Dunsmore : Newsletter, Feb. 2015, p.3 - about Ryton Mummers]
002 * Coventry Mummers [perform Harborough Magna, Newbold on Avon, Bishop's Tachbrook, & Stoneleigh texts; photos; programme]
003 * Glorishears of Brummagem [programme]
004 * Plough or Wooing Play [Script of Coventry Mummers, by Ron Shuttleworth]
005 * Shakespeare Morris Men [perform Bidford-on-Avon, (Broadway, Weston-sub-Edge & Snowshill) texts; photos; programme]
006 * Sword Play [Script of Coventry Mummers, by Ron Shuttleworth]
007 * Traditional Ilmington Morris Men [photos; programme]
008 * Wedding Play [Script of Coventry Mummers, by Ron Shuttleworth?]

Libraries & Archives

009 * RootsWeb : Christmas Mumming at Salford Priors [Genealogical query from Keith Chandler about John Basket & Ross Hunt - informants for James Madison Carpenter Collection]
010 * Windows on Warwickshire [image archive] [Photo of Bishop's Tachbrook mummers, circa 1920]


011 * A Meeting of Mummers [citation of Ron Shuttleworth, in The [Morris Ring] Circular, No.28, Autumn 1996, pp.6-7 - about the 30th anniversary of Coventry Mummers]
012 * Christmas Mummers at Rugby [by W.H.D. Rouse, in Folk-Lore, Vol.X No.2, Jun. 1899, pp.186-194 - Newbold on Avon text; Rugby text; 5 photos of Newbold on Avon mummers]
013 * Country Contentments [extract from Margaret Westerling, 1939, p.47 - at Bidford-on-Avon]
014 * My Kingdom for a Horse!" [US edition] [by William Allison, [1919 ?], (pp.45-46 - South Kilvington "plough stots" fragment;) p.46 - mummers at Rugby; (sword-dancers at South Kilvington)]
015 * Shakespeare's Town and Times [Stratford-upon-Avon] [by H. Snowden Ward & Catharine Weed Ward, [1896], p.167 - 'Appendix A : Information for Visitors' - Snitterfield and Bidford-on-Avon seen]
016 * The Duologues given in Character by the Warwickshire Peasantry [by F. Scarlett Potter [lived at Halford], in Long Ago, No.17 Vol.II, May 1874, pp.129-131 - (at [Longdon, Darlingscott ?], when a boy / 'Dialogue between a Husbandman and a Servingman' - citation of Ancient Poems Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England, ed. by Bell; citation of Some Ancient Christmas Carols,, by Davies Gilbert / 'The Hiring' - text;) like Christmas mummeries; (extract from Midas, by Kane O'Hara, 1764 / 'Jack and his Master')]
017 * The Warwickshire Village Book [extract from comp. Warwickshire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Bishop's Tachbrook' [- about Coventry Mummers]]
018 * The Warwickshire Village Book [extract from comp. Warwickshire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Stoneleigh' - about Coventry Mummers]
019 * Walter Walton Handy 1870-1951 "The Cotswold Shepherd" [Audio and transcription of BBC Radio, 25th Dec. 1934 - at Ilmington]
020 * Warwickshire Calendar Customs [index to C. Wharton, in Warwickshire History, Vol.I [sic] No.5, pp.2-11]

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