Folk Play Links - West Yorkshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * BBC Bradford & West Yorkshire - Heptonstall's egg-stravaganza! [with David Burnop - about Heptonstall Pace Eggers]
002 * BBC News - Why Easter means sword play to me [by David Burnop - about Heptonstall Pace Eggers]
003 * Bradshaw Mummers (/ Bradshaw Tavern Folk Club) [photos; programme]
004 * FTX-109 - Come in, Old Toss Pot : West Yorkshire Pace-Eggers [CD for sale: by Peter Kennedy, 1975 - Audio of (Dent Pace Egg Play &) Midgley Pace Eggers, (23rd Nov. 1954 &) 10th Apr. 1952. Includes photo.]
005 * GENUKI : Photograph of Heptonstall Old and New Churches [Photo of Heptonstall Pace Eggers]
006 * Heptonstall Pace Eggers [photos; audio; video; cast list; programme and Photos of Calder High School Pace Eggers]
007 * Holbeck Moor Mummers / Grove Folk Club [photos; programme]
008 * Homer Sykes Collection [Photos of Midgley Pace Eggers]
009 * Leeds Morris Men [photo; script of an Old Horse play]
010 * Midgley Pace Eggers / Calder High School [perform Midgley text; photos; programme]
011 * Pace-egging Plays [index to Gordon Ridgewell, in FLS News, No.47, Nov. 2005, p.14 - citations of (Bury Times, 22nd Mar. 2005, pp.10, 15) & Hebden Bridge Times, 1st Apr. 2005, pp.1, 5]
012 * The Long Company / Ryburn Three Step [photos; programme; script]
013 * Wild Rose Heritage and Arts [interview with Andy Carter [member of Heptonstall Pace Eggers]]

Libraries & Archives

014 * Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society : Local History Collection [Ref. Slides] [430, 431, 432]
015 * Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society : Local History Collection [Ref. YDPE]
016 * Jack Uttley Photo Library [Refs. 33106 & 33116; 83318] [Photos of Pace Eggers & spectators at Hebden Bridge, 1910; Midgley Pace Eggers, 1952]
017 * Mitchell Library Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales [Ref. MLMSS 462/1] [Reminiscences of Anna Frances Walker' - mummers at Royds [sic] Hall [SE356257], Royds Green, circa 1800]
018 * Survey of English Dialects (SED) Incidental Material [Refs. (6Y4; 6Y21;) 6Y27; (6Y29; 6Y32)] [Pace Egging Songs at Egton; Pace Egging Songs at Heptonstall;) Christmas Mumming at Carleton; (Mumming at Golcar; Plough Bullocks at Ecclesfield)]
019 * Yorkshire Film Archive Online [Video of Midgley Pace Eggers, 1960-1961]


020 * A Glossary of the Dialect of Almondbury and Huddersfield [comp. by the late Rev Alfred Easther [was Head Master of the Grammar School of King James in Almondbury] & ed. by Rev Thomas Lees, 1883, pp.(58 - entry for 'Guisors' - (non-play);) 98 - entry for 'Peace Egg' - chapbook; (111, xii - entry for 'Rush-bearing' - informed by Joe Armitage, who formerly went about "raper" dancing)]
021 * A List of Provincial Words in Use at Wakefield in Yorkshire; [coll. by William Stott Banks, 1865, pp.48 - entry for 'Mummers'; (53 - entry for 'Ploo Stots';) 56 - entry for 'Raper Doncers']
022 * A Yorkshire Folk-Play and its Analogues [by F.W. Moorman, in Essays and Studies, Vol.II, 1911, pp.134-157 - at [Headingley]; Peace Egg chapbook text, [which he possesses?]]
023 * A Yorkshire Folk-Play and its Analogues [index to F.W. Moorman, in Essays and Studies, Vol.II, 1911, pp.134-157 - at [Headingley]; Peace Egg chapbook text, [which he possesses?]]
024 * Baring-Gould Heritage Project [entry for J. Johnson chapbook]
025 * Beggar Manuscripts: [Subscription edition] [by Thomas Ince, 1888, pp.41-42, xi - 'Latter Wit' - "The Peace-Egg, and Mumming, and Bonfire games, creating much hullabaloo" - at [Bingley ?], when he was a lad - Literary Work]
026 * Bunderley Boggard and other plays [by John Metcalfe, n.d., pp.7 - 'Introduction', by F.W. Moorman - Christmas "peace eggers"; (29 - 'Bunderley Boggard')]
027 * Calderdale Calendar Customs [citation of Gary Stringfellow, in Transactions : Halifax Antiquarian Society, 1987]
028 * Christmas Customs, Sports and Pastimes [in Bradfordian:, No.3, Dec. 1860, p.47 - at Clayton]
029 * Christmas-Tup" [by M. P. [Mabel Peacock][daughter of Edward Peacock], in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.II No.44, 29th Oct. 1898, p.348 - "the old tup" at Hemsworth, about 1845 - informed by her father (& harvest supper "the old sow" in Lincolnshire, some sixty or seventy years since)]
030 * Chronicles and Stories of Old Bingley [by Harry Speight, 1898, p.275 - (mummers (non-play);) The Peace Egg, or Sword Dancers]
031 * Curious Custom [by Nathan [pseud], in Notes and Queries, [1st Ser.] Vol.1 No.16, 16th Feb. 1850, p.245]
032 * Dialect of the West Riding of Yorkshire: A Short History of Leeds and Other Towns [by Samuel Dyer, 1891, pp.101 - entry for 'The Peace-Egg'; 126 - Alice Man[n] sold her Peace-egg and Bold Slasher chapbooks in the Central Market]
033 * Donations / Donations / Report [in City of Bradford : Annual Report of the Libraries, Art Gallery and Museums Committee, Thirty-Second, 1901-1902, p.12 - W. Cudworth possessed Peace Egg or St. George's Annual Play for the Amusement of Youth chapbook / , Thirty-Fourth, 1903-1904, p.9 - Dr C.F. Forshaw possessed Peace Egg & Walker [Seven Champions] chapbooks / , Thirty-Ninth, 1908-1909, p.6 - the late C.A. Federer possessed two chapbooks]
034 * Easter Eggs [by [J. Horsfall Turner], in Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal, Vol.I, 1888, p.140 - Raper Dancers perform Peace Egg]
035 * Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol.I [by [S.A. Dunham ?], 1836, pp.183-184 - 'John Heywood' - "on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire, on Good Friday"]
036 * First Impressions of the Theatre [after fifty-five years!]: II [by William T. Stead [son of Congregational Minister of Howdon], in Review of Reviews for Australasia [Editor is Henry Stead][his son], Vol.XXV No.6, Dec. 1904, p.549 - "Even the morris dancers, sword dancers, and mummers of my childhood are almost extinct." - at [Wrenthorpe ?] - as in Review of Reviews [Editor is W.T. Stead], Vol.XXX, 1904]
037 * Lancashire Pace-Egging Songs [coll. by Annie G. Gilchrist, in Journal of the Folk-Song Society, No.9 [Vol.II No.4], [Dec.] 1906, pp.231-236 - (Overton "jolly-boys" songs at Sunderland; play superseded by them / note by C.J. S. [Cecil J. Sharp] /) coll. by F. K. [Frank Kidson] - (Kirkby Lonsdale "Pace-Egging" song;) possesses Peace Egg chapbook?; "mumming" at Leeds (/ note by J.A. F.M. [J.A. Fuller-Maitland])]
038 * Memorials of a Yorkshire Parish [Darrington] [by J.S. Fletcher, 1917, pp.160-161 - mumming, 1835-1875]
039 * Memorials of Old Yorkshire [ed. by T.M. Fallow, 1909, pp.294, 286 - 'Yorkshire Folk-Lore', by M.W.E. Fowler - "mumming"]
040 * Notes on the Folk Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders [by William Henderson, 1866, pp.54, xi - note by Rev S. Baring-Gould [Curate of Horbury] - (mummers (non-play) at Wakefield, Stanley [sic] & Horbury;) Christmas-tup at Horbury]
041 * Pace-Egging Time : The Miracle Play at Midgley [citation of Sydney Moorhouse, in Boy's Own Paper, Vol.LX Pt.7, Apr. 1938, p.371]
042 * Peace Egg [by [J. Horsfall Turner], in Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal, Vol.I, 1888, pp.127-131; chapbook text; at Brighouse; [extract from The Christmas Rhymers in the North of Ireland, by W.H. Patterson, in Notes and Queries, 4th Ser. Vol.X No.260, 21st Dec. 1872, pp.487-488]]
043 * Pease Eggers" [by E.G. B., in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.III No.70, 29th Apr. 1899, p.334 - in south of Riding at Christmas; possesed Peace Egg chapbook for editor [Joseph Knight] and correspondent]
044 * Pease Eggers" [by R.Hedger Wallace, in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.III No.66, 1st Apr. 1899, p.249 - citation of Rambler, Vol.VII No.88, 21st Jan. 1899, p.299 - in north of Riding at Easter]
045 * Rambles about Morley, [by William Smith Jun, 1866, p.109]
046 * Review of "The Mummers' Play" by R.J.E. Tiddy [index to G.H. Cowling, in Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, Vol.4 Pt.25, Apr. 1924, pp.30-33 - (Barmby on the Marsh) & Sleights; Drax & Headingley & Sowerby Bridge]
047 * Saddleworth Sketches [by Joseph Bradbury, [1871], pp.74-75 - 'Manners and Customs' - as Oldham Chronicle - "peace-eggers" fragment]
048 * Setting the Pace [extract from Milltown Memories, Iss.3, Spring 2003 - Brief article with photos of Midgley Pace Eggers, 1930s.]
049 * Some Northern Spring Customs [by A Reader [Anon], in Northern Earth, No.90, p.11 - about Midgley Pace Eggers and Heptonstall Pace Eggers - Archived]
050 * The Dialect of Leeds and its Neighbourhood, [by [C.Clough Robinson], 1862, pp.364-370 - entry for 'Mummers']
051 * The Diary of Ralph Thoresby, [ed. by Rev Joseph Hunter, 1830, Vol.II pp.198 - '31st Dec. 1713' - mummers (non-play ?) at Leeds; (198fn - Mummers in [South] Yorkshire)]
052 * The History and Antiquities of Morley, [Subscribers' copy] [by William Smith, 1876, p.93 - "Mummers" played "peace-egg"]
053 * The History of the Scottish Stage, [by John Jackson, 1793, pp.409-411 - Keighley fragment]
054 * The Little Hill Farm : Calder Valley [by W.B. Crump, [1951], pp.72; 74-75 - Pace Eggers at Midgley; with Harry Waterworth, possesses J. Harkness chapbook]
055 * The Policeman as Domestic Missionary: Urban Discipline and Popular Culture in Northern England, 1850-1880 [by Robert D. Storch, in Journal of Social History, Vol.9 No.4, Jun. 1976, pp.492, 501 - extract from From Village to Town, by [Anon][Binns], [1882], pp.103-104 [sic] - 'Chap.X' - as Batley News - peace-eggers at Batley - Subscription required for JSTOR]
056 * The Wonderful Wapentake [Osgoldcross] [by J.S. Fletcher, 1895, p.134 - 'An Old-Fashioned Christmas' - as Leeds Mercury - at [Darrington] - see above]
057 * Topics of the Day : Pace-Eggers [in The Spectator, 13th Apr. 1889, pp.508-510 - possesses Leeds Peace Egg chapbook]
058 * Two Essays on the Dialect of Upper Calderdale [index to F.H. Marsden, in Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, Vol.4 Pt.22, Jan. 1921, pp.6-16 [sic]]
059 * West Riding Sketches [by James Burnley, 1875, pp.120-137 - 'A Night with the King of Egypt' - Woolborough [Bradford] text - superb reportage]
060 * When I was a Boy in England [contents of Ivan G. Grimshaw, 1931, chap.IX - 'The Peace Egg Players' at Shipley]
061 * Wortley-de-Leeds : a history of an ancient township [extract from William Benn, 1926 - includes a brief description of the performance of 'The Peace Egg', fifty years ago - Archived]
062 * Yorkshire Christmas Customs [index to [Dr Charles F. Forshaw][son of Thomas Garratt Forshaw], in Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Vol.III No.10, Jan. 1907, p.295]
063 * Yorkshire Sword Actors [index to Thomas Garratt Forshaw, in Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Vol.III No.10, Jan. 1907, p.303]
064 * Yorkshire Sword-Actors [by T.M. Fallow, in Antiquary, Vol.XXXI No.?, May 1895, pp.138-142 - Leeds fragment & photos]


065 * Burley Millennium Theatre Group [List with Jul. 1998 performance]
066 * Calderdale Local Studies Library [Brief history of the local Pace Egg plays - with photo]
067 * Charlestown History Group [Photo of Eastwood Players, 1935]
068 * Huddersfield One [Essay about pace eggers in and around Huddersfield]
069 * Kirkburton Rapier Dancers [(extract from Forty Years Ago, by A. L. [A. Lodge], 1869, pp.23-24, 6 - 'Forty Years Ago' - raper doncers at Burton-Kirk [Kirkburton]; extract from A Glossary of the Dialect of Almondbury and Huddersfield, comp. by the late Rev Alfred Easther & ed. by Rev Thomas Lees, 1883 - entry for 'Rush Bearing';) citation of Our Customary Feasts, by J. Horsfall Turner, 1913, pp.6-8 - "Raper Dancers" at Brighouse; mumming play at Kirkburton]
070 * Otley Community Players [Mention of 1999 performance of mumming only]
071 * Pete Coe [member of The Long Company] [performs folk plays, and runs folk drama workshops at schools. Includes photos.]

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