Folk Play Links - Westmorland, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Epiphany and Easter Observances in Westmoreland [by J.B. Partridge, in Folk-Lore, Vol.XXV No.3, Sep. 1914, p.373 - "In this and the neighbouring counties young folk or mummers used to perform a sort of play, and begged for pace eggs."]
002 * Lake-Country Rambles [by William T. Palmer, 1902, pp.318-334, 2 - Bowston jollyboying text]
003 * Milnthorpe Jolly Boys [by Duncan Broomhead, in Buzz, No.64, Spring 2001, pp.16-18 - text - Archived]
004 * Months at the Lakes [by Rev H.D. Rawnsley [Vicar of Wray], 1906, p.8 - "pasch eggers" at Grasmere; (12-17 - paraphrasing Pace-Eggin' Time, by Miss [Eleanor Foster] Simpson [his wife to be], 1906)]
005 * Pace-Egging [by De V. Payen-Payne, in Notes and Queries, 12th Ser. Vol.I No.25, 17th Jun. 1916, p.488 - at Grasmere]
006 * The English Dialect Dictionary [ed. by Joseph Wright, Vol.III, 1902, p.378b - entry for 'Jolly-boy' - in south - informed by J.A. B. [J.A. Barnes][Earnseat School, Arnside]]
007 * The History of Witherslack, Meathop and Ulpha during The Twentieth Century [by Maureen James, 2000, pp.38-40 - Jolly Boys at Witherslack]
008 * The Records of Patterdale : historical and descriptive [by Rev W.P. Morris [Rector of Patterdale], 1903, p.151 - 'An Old Easter Custom' - "jollyboying" or "pace-egging"]

Publications - West Yorkshire pre 1974

009 * Archive Alive! [exhibition at Museum of North Craven Life, 2009 - 'Creative North Craven' - Photo of Pace Eggers at Dent, 1920s - copy in; (The Ancient Mystery Play, "St. George,", [1894]; article, by Arthur Raistrick, in Dalesman, 1947 + 'This book belongs to…')]
010 * Bygone Days - Westmorland's Eastertide customs [by Roger Bingham, in Westmorland Gazette, 10th Apr. 2009 - Photo of Pace Eggers at Dent, 1890 - copy in]
011 * FTX-109 - Come in, Old Toss Pot : West Yorkshire Pace-Eggers [CD for sale: by Peter Kennedy, 1975 - Audio of Dent Pace Egg Play (& Midgley Pace Eggers), 23rd Nov. 1954 (& 10th Apr. 1952). Includes photo.]

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