Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

*E.C.Cawte (1975)

*E. C. Cawte (Auth.)
*The wooing play in the Midland Wolds
*In Preparation, 1975, Chapter 5: Two Teams in Nottinghamshire

*These two plays come from a book that was prepared but never published.

From Granby, Notts., there is a brief but complete text and description of a Plough Monday play performed in the 1890s at. This was tape-recorded from a performer. The characters are: First Character, Recruit Sergeant/Second Character, Beelzebub/Third Character, Dame Jane, and Doctor

From Langar, Notts., there are text fragments only of a Plough Monday play that ceased about 1910, mentioning the characters: First Man, Betsy Ann, Doctor, and Sergeant.

Index Terms:
Locations: *Granby, Notts. (SK7536); Langar, Notts. (SK7234)
Years: *Perf. 1890s; Ceased about 1910; Prepared. 1975
Subjects: *Full Text; Plough Monday; Plays; Tape Recording; First Character; Recruit Sergeant; Second Character; Beelzebub; Third Character; Dame Jane; Doctor; Text Fragments; First Man; Betsy Ann; Sergeant
People: *E. Christopher Cawte (Col.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00024; E.C.Cawte Collection

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