Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

M.W.M. (1926a)

M. W. M. (Auth.)
Nottingham Guardian, 9th Jan.1926, No.21774, p.6a-b

This article starts with an extensive summary of the survival theories of English folk drama, as propounded by T.F.Ordish, E.K.Chambers and R.J.E.Tiddy. She then goes in the describe her collecting activities in North Notts. Her first informant vaguely mentioned "a funny play" being done at Christmas in Navenby, Lincs. Another mentioned a play performed about 1906 at Sutton and Lound, Notts., involving a horse's head.

Finally she collected a Plough Monday play from various people in Clayworth, Notts. She describes the play as collected from "the Doctor", quoting fragments of text. The characters were; Old Clown, Soldier, a Farmer's Boy, Lady, Old Eszum Squeezum [probably misprinted], and the Doctor. The full text was printed in R.J.E.Tiddy (1923).

The article is concluded in M.W.M. (1926b)

Index Terms:
Locations: Lound, Notts. (SK6986); Sutton, Notts. (SK6784); Navenby, Lincs. (SK9857); Clayworth, Notts. (SK7288)
Years: Perf. about 1906; Publ. 1926
Subjects: Plays; Dance; Plough Monday; Mummers; Tiddy,R.J.E. (1923); Christmas; Horse's Head; Text Fragments; Old Clown; Soldier; Farmer's Boy; Lady; Old Eszum Squeezum; Doctor
People: Miss M. W. Marshall (Auth.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00075; Notts. County library, Local Studies Section, County Folklore Box, L39.9

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