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Nottinghamshire Guardian (1939a)

[Anon. (Auth.)]
The End Of Plough Mondays
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, *7th Jan.1939

A general description of Plough Monday, with quotations on the disrepute of the custom through malicious ploughing, from W. Howitt (1834). S.R.Hole (1901) and Chaworth-Musters (1890) are also cited. Mentions "guisers", and the characters Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

Places in Notts., listed as having seen the custom within living memory are; Newark, Mansfield, Southwell, Bulwell, Radford, Wiverton, Cropwell, and Tithby (1890), Caunton (1900), and East Markham.

Index Terms:
Locations: Newark, Notts. (SK7953); Mansfield, Notts. (SK5361); Southwell, Notts. (SK7053); Bulwell, Notts. (SK5345); Radford, Notts. (SK5440); Wiverton, Notts. (SK7136); Cropwell, Notts. (SK6-3-); Tithby, Notts. (SK6936); Caunton, Notts. (SK7460); East Markham, Notts. (SK7472)
Years: Perf. 1890; Perf. 1900; Publ. 1939
Subjects: House Visiting; Malicious Ploughing; Play; Plough Monday; Mumming; Robin Hood; Maid Marion; Guisers; Hole,S.R. (1901); Chaworth-Musters (1890); Howitt,W. (1834)
Archives: Ref.: TD00162; W.E.Doubleday Scrapbook, Series X, Vol.I, p.3; Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, 1938-40, p.93

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