Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

Nottinghamshire Guardian (1942b)

*[Appeal for information on Plough Monday]
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, *7th Jan.1942

*This is an appeal for information. The Doubleday Index has an incomplete clipping. This reads;

"Sir, - I am doing some work on the history and customs of Plough Monday. I was staying in Nottinghamshire some years ago, when I picked up one or two interesting points from county people whom I met, but as I have now lost touch with them, I should be most grateful if some of your readers can tell me amy Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire or Lincolnshire observances of the festival which has been recorded within the last 20 years."

Index Terms:
Locations: *Notts.; Lincs.; Yorks.
Years: *Publ. 1942
Subjects: *Plough Monday
Archives: Ref.: TD00165; W.E.Doubleday Index, Plough Monday

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