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Nottinghamshire Guardian (1953)

[Anon. (Auth.)]
A new reign starts in Bulcote [Plough Monday play photos]
Nottinghamshire Guardian, 17th Jan 1953, No.5618, p.2 a-d

Report of a Plough Monday play, performed at a dance held to raise funds for Coronation celebrations at Bulcote, Notts. There are four photos:- (1) Tom Fool, (2) Dance Hall, (3) Dame Jane showing a baby doll to Tom Fool (with a plough in the background), and (4) Lady Bright and Gay. The captions include fragments of the text.

Index Terms:
Locations: Bulcote, Notts. (SK6544)
Years: Perf. 1953
Subjects: Photos; Play; Tom Fool; Dame Jane; Lady Bright and Gay; Plough Monday; Plough Trailing
People: Harold Adams (Perf.); Alan Mowbray (Perf.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00176; Notts County Library, County Folklore Box, L39.9

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