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Nottinghamshire Weekly Express (1916)

[Anon. (Auth.)]
*Nottinghamshire Weekly Express, *15th Dec.1916

Article describing various Christmas customs, concluding with the following:

"Our own district had the full share of mumming and other seasonable customs, many of which have been described in this column in past years. People yet living can remember wassailing, but their number is, it is to be feared growing fewer each year. A chatty account of Yuletide customs is to be found in Ditchfield's 'Old English Customs Extant at the Present Time,'to which readers interested in the subject may refer with advantage. There has, during recent years, been some local attempt to revive May customs. It would be surprising and it would be agreeable, if after the war some of the better of the old customs of Christmas were revived in our midst, but mumming would scarcely be one of them."

Index Terms:
Locations: Notts.
Years: Publ. 1916
Subjects: Mumming; Christmas; Ditchfield,P.H. (1896); May Customs; Wassailing
Archives: Ref.: TD00192; Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, Vol.6, pp.60

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