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T.Ratcliffe (1920b)

Thos. Ratcliffe (Auth.)
LOCAL NOTES AND QUERIES: Derbyshire Christmas Mummers
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, *24th Dec.1920

"Christmas is here, and with it may come the 'guisers and mummers' if they still survive. In Derbyshire they were looked forward to at Christmas when I was a lad, and I have pleasant memories of the 'Owd Hoss' and 'Darby Tup' with its butting horns. St. George and Slasher used to delight me in those days, and the doctor whose seasonable advice was 'Take a sup down thy throttle.' An old Derbyshire Christmas was nothing without the guisers and mummers.

Index Terms:
Locations: Derbys.
Years: Publ. 1920
Subjects: Play; Guisers; Mummers; Christmas; "Owd Hoss"; "Darby Tup"; St. George; Slasher; Doctor
People: Thomas Ratcliffe (Auth.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00212; Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, 1918-1922, p.110

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