Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

A.Rattenbury (1977)

Arnold Rattenbury (Auth.)
CLOWNING: June 11 to September 4 1977: An exhibition designed and catalogued for Nottingham Festival 1977 by Arnold Rattenbury
Nottingham, Nottingham Castle Museum, 1977, exhibit 23, 2 photos

*Catalogue of an exhibition on the history of English fools and clowns. It starts with the fools associated with folk plays and other customs, then works through court jesters, entertainers at fairs, pantomimes of various ages (with particular emphasis on Joe Grimaldi), and ending with circus clowns.

A number of folk play costumes were exhibited - mostly on loan from the Folk-lore Society. Among the photos in the catalogue are details of the costume for Hopper Joe from the Plough Bullock's play of Cropwell Bishop, Notts. [This is the costume which was donated by Mrs. Chaworth-Musters to T.F.Ordish, and exhibited by him when he presented his 1893 paper.]

Index Terms:
Locations: Cropwell Bishop, Notts. (SK6835)
Years: Publ. 1977
Subjects: Photos; Play; Plough Bullocks; Clowns; Fools; Hopper Joe; Costumes; Costume Exhibit
Archives: Ref.: TD00214

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