Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

G.Richardson (1925a)

George Richardson (Auth.)
LOCAL NOTES AND QUERIES: Plough Monday [Play from Lincs.]
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, *17th Jan.1925, p.2 illus.

Details of Plough Monday from W.Hone (1837), including the woodcut and the quotation about Plough Lights from Blomefield (1775). The first part of the full text (136 lines) of a Plough Boys or Morris Dancers play is given from Lincs. This is concluded in G.Richardson (1925b). The characters are; Tom Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Ribboner/Recruit, Lady, Threshing Blade, Hopper Joe, Old Dame Jane, Farmer's Man, Beelzebub and Doctor. The ploughing up of lawns in mentioned.

Index Terms:
Locations: Notts.; Lincs.
Years: Publ. 1925
Subjects: Plough Lights; Plough Trailing; Play; Malicious Ploughing; Plough Monday; Plough Boys; Morris Dancers; Christmas; Hone,W. (1837); Blomefield,F. (1775); Full Text; Tom Fool; Recruiting Sergeant; Ribboner; Recruit; Lady; Threshing Blade; Hopper Joe; Old Dame Jane; Farmer's Man; Beelzebub; Doctor
Archives: Ref.: TD00232; W.E.Doubleday Scrapbook, Vol.I, pp.136-137; Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, 1922-1926, p.125; A.S.Buxton Collection, Buff notebook, pp.108-110

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