Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

J.Simpson (1981)

Jaqueline Simpson (Auth.)
London, The Post Office, 1981

This is a series of seven work cards produced by the Post Office for use in schools. They accompany the commemorative stamps issued on 6th Feb.1981. One is headed; "Entertainments: Mumming and Hobby Horses". It features two photos of Marshfield, Avon, Mummers, and one of Antrobus, Ches., play. There is also a description of the Antrobus horse, and a general account of folk plays. Another card, headed "The Calendar: Hallowe'en and Mayday" includes one photo of the Antrobus, Ches. play team. "Folklore on the Farm" details a Plough Monday custom practised by the Young Farmers' Club at Exeter Cathedral. The other work cards are:- "The Lore of the Landscape", "Superstitions: Luck and Charms", Supernatural: Fairies, Witches and Dragons", and "Teacher's Notes: Guidelines".

Index Terms:
Locations: Marshfield, Avon (ST7773); Antrobus, Ches. (SJ8478); Exeter, Devon (SX9292)
Years: Publ. 1981
Subjects: Photos; Plays; Plough Trailing; Mummers; Hobby Horses; Hallowe'en; Mayday; Plough Monday; Luck; Charms; Fairies; Witches; Dragons; Wild Horse; Souling Play
Archives: Ref.: TD00287

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