Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

R.Palmer (1985)

Roy Palmer (Auth.)
The Folklore of Leicestershire and Rutland
Wymondham, Sycamore Press Ltd., 1985, 288pp., ISBN 0-905837-22-3

*This book contains an extensive survey of Plough Monday customs in Leicestershire and Rutland (pp.86-90). Places mentioned include Glenfield, Fleckney, Arnesby, Ridlington, Woodhouse Eaves, Claybrooke, Bagworth, Willoughby Waterless, Grimston, Melton, Belgrave, Elmesthorpe, Broughton Astley, Markfield, Kings Norton, Leicester, and Ab Kettleby, Leics., and Greetham, Bisbrooke, Ryhall, Preston, and Seaton, Rutland.

The text of a Ploughboy Night play from Sproxton, Leics., is given on pp.157-164 together with musical scores. This was performed until the 1890s, and the characters were; Fool/Tommy, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady, Beelzebub/Bellzie, and Doctor. Other places mentioned as having had plays are; Oakham & Clipsham, Rutland, and Market Bosworth & Ratby, Leics.

Christmas Mummers plays are described on pp.153-157, including the text of a play from Caldecott, Rutland, also including musical scores. This "Mummiers' Play" was performed about 1905, and included the characters; Open Your Door, Guier, King George, Slasher, Doctor, Belzebub and the Miser.

Other Christmas plays are mentioned from Leicester, Lutterworth, Kibworth, Belgrave, Bosworth, Burbage, Gilmorton, Glaston, Ibstock, Knossington, & North Kilworth, Leics., and Edith Weston, Rutland

A photograph show a Plough Sunday church service at Great Easton, Leics., which took place in 1978.

Index Terms:
Locations: *Leics.; Rutland; Sproxton, Leics. (SK8524); Caldecott, Rutland (SP8693); Great Easton, Leics. (SP8493)
Years: *Pub. 1985; Perf. until 1890s; Perf. about 1905; Perf. 1978
Subjects: *Plough Monday; Plough Sunday; Fool; Tommy; Recruiting Sergeant; Farmer's Man; Lady; Beelzebub; Bellzie; Doctor; Ploughboy Night; Mummers; "Mummiers' Play"; Plays; Texts; Musical Scores; Open Your Door; Guier; King George; Slasher; Doctor; Belzebub; Miser; Photo; Christmas; Tunes
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