Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

Nottinghamshire Archives Collection (1960, E.Hill)

Mrs. E. Hill (Auth.)
[No Heading - Plough Boys at Kneesall, Notts.]
Nottinghamshire Archives Collection, Written 3rd Mar.1960, Ref.DD121/1/41, 8pp.

Entry to an essay competition entitled "Memories of a Villager", on old village life at Kneesall, Notts. On page 7 it states; "Plough boys and carol singers went their rounds at the specified times."

Index Terms:
Locations: Kneesall, Notts. (SK7063)
Years: Col. 1960
Subjects: Essay; Plough Boys; Carol Singers
People: Nottinghamshire Local History Council (Col.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00416

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