Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

Nottinghamshire Archives Collection (1960, H.Peach)

Howard Peach (Auth.)
"MEMORIES OF A VILLAGER": Some Glimpses of Selston, 1875-1900 [Christmas, Guysers & Plough Monday]
Nottinghamshire Archives Collection, Written 26th Mar.1960, Ref.DD121/1/54, 8pp.

Entry to an essay competition on old village life at Selston, Notts. It includes the following (pp.6-7);

"On Shrove Tuesday there was the old custom of 'pegging (locking) out the Schoolmaster', very popular with the children for the half day holiday which followed the proceedings."

"After the harvest, it was but a short wait until Bonfire Night, and in due course, Christmas. Merrymaking there certainly was, but not much in the way of expensive presents, cards and the various extravegances we take for granted nowadays. But there was some good singing, and the chance for the boys to dress up as 'guysers,' and go from house to house performing the traditional plays associated with Plough Monday."

Index Terms:
Locations: Selston, Notts. (SK4652)
Years: Col. 1960; Perf. 1875 to 1900
Subjects: Essay; Bonfire Night; Christmas; Guysers; Play; Plough Monday; Shrove Tuesday; Pegging Out the Schoolmaster
People: Mr. W. W. Dobbs (Auth.); Nottinghamshire Local History Council (Col.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00423

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