Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

E.H.Rudkin Collection (1954)

Ethel H. Rudkin (Col.)
*Basford, Notts. (pronounced Baseford): Story of the Doctor's bottle.
E.H.Rudkin Collection, Dated 1954

*The following is copied from the transcript in the A.Helm Collection.

"The team got to a house and the Doctor had not remembered his bottle - he borrowed one from the farmer's wife, which he thought was empty - but it wasn't - it still had some Worcester Sauce in it. He said that he had never seen a man restored to life so quickly!"

Index Terms:
Locations: Basford, Notts. (SK5542)
Years: Dated 1954
Subjects: Play; Doctor; Anecdote
Archives: Ref.: TD00443; A.Helm Collection, Ref.A1/23, p.35

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