Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

M.W.Barley Collection (1953)

Anon. (Inf.)
Notts.: Plough Plays [and Derby Ram]
M.W.Barley Collection, *Col. 1951, Ba P 1/14

"Tradition of play at N. Leverton up to about 1910.

Tradition of Derby Ram at Creswell and Carlton near Worksop. Done by children.

(From members of N. Leverton class, 1951)."

Index Terms:
Locations: Carlton, Notts. (SK5984); Creswell, Derbys. (SK5274); North Leverton, Notts. (SK7882)
Years: Col. 1951; Ceased about 1910
Subjects: "Derby Ram"; Plough Play
People: Maurice Willmore Barley (Col.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00455

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