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A.M. (1993)

A. M. (Illus.)
[No title - Reprint of Guysers illustration from D.H.Lawrence's "A Prelude"]
Haggs Farm Preservation Society Newsletter, Jun.1993, No.12, p.5

"One of the original illustrations to the story 'A Prelude' in the Christmas 'Nottinghamshire Guardian', 1907, and again in their Dec. 10th. issue, 1949, and as a facsimile in the source folder 'D.H.Lawrence and Nottinghamshire 1885-1910', Nottinghamshire County Council Libraries. (Courtesy of the 'Nottingham Evening Post')".

This half tone illustration shows two people making up for a Guysers play. It is captioned;

"His brothers were roaring with laughter before the mirror. They were smeared with red and black."

Index Terms:
Locations: Notts.
Years: Publ. 1993; Publ. 1907; Publ. 1949
Subjects: Illustration; Christmas; Guysers; Play; "Chambers,Jessie" (1907); Short Story; Facial Disguise; Lawrence,D.H. (1949); Notts. County Council Libraries (n.d.)
People: "Jessie Chambers" (Auth.); David Herbert Lawrence (Auth.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00549

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