Bibliography of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs

I.T.Jones Collection (1981, F.Tucker - a)

Mr. Fred Tucker (Inf.)
Flintham, Notts: Notes on phone call to Mr Fred Tucker, Scarrington 18/2/81
I.T.Jones Collection, Collected 18th Feb.1981, Ref.K8-1

Phone call from Mr. Tucker, Whatton. Mrs Machin of Scarrington passed on my letter to him. He has got a rough copy of a Flintham play which came from an ex lady-teacher who collected it from an elderly lady. He will send it to me. Mr. George Flinders, now aged about 80, vaguely remembers the play and Mr Tucker will try to trace what he can.

Index Terms:
Locations: Flintham, Notts. (SK7445)
Years: Col. 1981
Subjects: Play
People: Mr. Idwal Tudor Jones (Col.); Mrs. Machin (Intermediary); Mr. George Flinders (Inf.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00666; I.T.Jones Collection, Ref.K8-1

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