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R.A.Harris Collection (1966, Emmons)

Mr. Emmons (Inf.)
*[Plough Monday play from Farnsfield, Notts.
R.A.Harris Collection, Col. 1966

*Full text of a Plough Monday play from Farnsfield, Notts. The characters are: Tom Fool/Bold Tom/Tommy, Listing Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady Bright and Gay, Beelzebub, and Doctor.

The typescript does not give the name of the informant or the date of performance. Roy Harris is unable to find his notes, and it is posssible they disappeared when he moved house from Sandiacre to Cardiff. He says: "All I can remember is that my informant was a Mr Emmons, who was something to do with the local church. I don't think that we met. It was all done by mail, I'm pretty certain about that." (R.A.Harris, Personal Email message, 26th May 2004). Roy later confirmed that Mr.Emmons wrote to him following his appeal for information published in the 'Nottinghamshire Countryside' magazine in 1966.

Index Terms:
Locations: Farnsfield, Notts. (SK6456)
Years: *Col. 1967?
Subjects: *Full Text; Plough Monday; Play; Tom Fool; Bold Tom; Tommy; Listing Sergeant; Farmer's Man; Lady Bright and Gay; Beelzebub; Doctor
People: Roy A. Harris (Col.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00763

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