Ordish Papers : Notes & Section A


The material is already split into envelopes or folders within the box, and these divisions I have retained, giving each a code letter from A-H. (H is a separate sheet, see below).

The numbers given to each item in this list have not been marked on the material itself and are only for identification on this list.


Envelope: Labelled:

"MUMMER'S PLAYS, Not Catalogued

Sussex Mummers Xmas Play, Iping version, Typescript, 3 copies

Boxgrove Tipteers Xmas Mummers' Play

East Preston version from C. Foard, 6 copies

With an account of the Boxgrove Tipteers by their fiddler

English miracle plays (i.e., title given to a set of Mummers plays as played at certain places in Wilts. and Berks.)




Green piece of paper: handwritten in red pencil:

"Duplicates/Triplicates etc. Please instruct FLS (if any are passed there) to index in RED". 709


F/cap 4pp: handwritten on front cover: "Boxgrove" and on back:

"East Preston Tipteers, R.J. Sharp, East Preston".

Typed text with mss. notes headed: "TIPTEERS PLAY: based on East Preston version as given by Mr. Foard with slight addition from the Iping version of Mr. Dawtrey".


Quarto, typed, 27 pp.(incl. covers): front entitled "ENGLISH MIRACLE PLAYS": introduction signed "H.M. Batson": includes:

  • Song from Kintbury (Berks)
  • Text from Chilton Foliat (Wilts.)
  • Text from Baydon (Wilts.)
  • Text from Chaddleworth (Berks.)
  • Text from Hoe Benham (Berks.)
  • Text from West Woodhay (Berks.)

Part of printed sheet giving brief history of Boxgrove Tipteers and announcing a performance for Dec. 22nd, 1928 in the Dolphin, Chichester. Plus 3 complete copies of same.


Handwritten on notepaper of R.J. Sharp: Copy of Boxgrove Tipteers Xmas Mummers Play: "Please return in due course to Mr. R.J. Sharp". Note in another hand "Play copied see S.A.C. 44 9.178 for West Wittering version".


Ms note from R.J. Sharp written on back of West Sussex Choral Competitions compliments slip: "Sx Mummers Xmas Play, Iping Version: Please return..."


Three letters from Margaret Upton, The Barn, Petworth, (one on Girl Guides notepaper), dated: Oct. 11th, 1927/Dec. 4th, 1928/Dec. 12th, 1928: Thanking Sharp for sending Tipteers play, mentions seeing a similar play performed by men from Uperton when she was six years old and possibility of revival (in Petworth?) by workers at Mr. Vincent's brick yard, one of whom had a grandfather in the local play.


Quarto, typed, 1pp.: 2 copies: "BOXGROVE TIPTEERS, Notes by R.J. Sharp" both have mss "1937" and one has mss notes and corrections.


Quarto, typed, 1pp.: "THE BOXGROVE TIPTEERS" (commencing "Formerly it was part of Christmas...").


Quarto, typed, 1pp. (both sides): "BOXGROVE TIPTEERS": ms "1937", pencilled "please return to Mr. R.J. Sharp". Apparently a rough for a newspaper/magazine article by 'The Fiddler' and asking for his real name not to be mentioned.


Quarto, typed, 1pp.: "The Boxgrove Tipteers" (commencing "Tipteers being the Sussex name for the Xmas Mummers") by R.J. Sharpe (Fiddler).


Quarto, typed, 4pp.: "A SHORT ACCOUNT OF THE BOXGROVE TIPTEERS and their version of the Traditional Sussex Christmas Mummers Play by their Fiddler": signed R.J.S. 23rd October, 1936 (Includes mention of other Sussex Mummers).


Quarto, typed, 8pp.: 3 copies: "THE TIPTEERS' PLAY (Frank Dawtrey's Iping, Midhurst version obtained 1913): text follows.


Quarto, typed, 2pp.: first line "Tipteers from Iping version": text follows.


Quarto, typed, 10pp.: "THE SUSSEX TIPTEERS PLAY (East Preston 1913 version: 1st page has "Key Copy" in top rt.-hand corner: 2nd page of intro. ends "R.J. Sharp 17/11/26".


Quarto, typed, 3pp.: "TIPTEERS PLAY" East Preston version from C. Foard 1913" and carbon copy of same.


Quarto, typed, 6pp.: "SUSSEX TIPTEERS PLAY" (commencing "Based on East Preston version as given by Mr. Foard of that village...").


Quarto, blue paper, 10pp., handwritten in pencil: "Tipteers Play (Based on East Preston version given by Mr. Foard...").

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