Ordish Papers: Notes & Section B


The material is already split into envelopes or folders within the box, and these divisions I have retained, giving each a code letter from A-H. (H is a separate sheet, see below).

The numbers given to each item in this list have not been marked on the material itself and are only for identification on this list.




"The Mummers manuscript from W.R.A. * in 1912 or 13

lent to M (?) Tiddy & returned through Mr. Egerton, Dec. 1910

To Miss Anson

(diff. hand): *W.R.a. Sir William Ansom performed at his home, Pusey House, Faringdon, Berks. 1912 & 13".


(Diff. hand again (Helm or Cawte?) green biro):

"Buckland & Pusey Mummers Plays"



Quarto typed sheet by Helm, 6 x 1.1963 headed "The Buckland and Pusey Mummers' Plays", explaining difficulty in sorting out whether following texts are from Buckland or Pusey, and the anomalous nature of the text.


Two large sheets (each made up of several account-book pages stuck together with sellotape): Handwritten: all 4 sides used: headed: "Title Doctor Giles Mummering" and signed "E. Tanner, Buckland Marsh". Text of play (in 2 parts).


Six small sheets: pencilled numbers 1/2/3/4/4a/5: nine sides used: text of play:

p. 4a seems to be in Ordish's hand, as are notes on other pages. Base of back of p.1 has "from Mr. Niven's paper..." in Ordish's hand: back of p.5 has pencilled "Buckland version acted at Lambourne & c".

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