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The Folk Play Research Website is the website of the Traditional Drama Research Group, also incorporating the website of the Morris Ring Folk Play Archive. It is hosted by the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS).


The prime scope of this website is all aspects of folk plays in the English language, as well as non-play customs sharing the same name and season as the plays (e.g. Mummers, Pace Egging, etc). We would also like to cover non-English language folk plays - Welsh, Continental European, Latin American, etc - although we provide very little information on these traditions at the moment.

The website is generally academic in nature, providing collections and databases that can be used to research folk play traditions. However, we also include material relating to those modern performances that use specially written or adapted scripts. These are mainly accommodated in the Links section.

What's New

The home pages and main pages are updated from time to time. Superseded versions of these are not retained online, although the photographs are added to our Past Home Page Pictures.

Traditional Drama Forum

This is our online newsletter, which is published three times per year in Autumn, New Year and Spring. It contains details of events, new publications, reviews, etc., as well short articles of an academic or general nature.

See our Notes for Contributors for more detailed information.


Our target is for the Links section to be the most comprehensive portal to websites containing or relating to folk play material. Website details should ideally be submitted using the special online "Submit a Link" form.

The only selection criteria for this section are that the website has a reasonable amount of content relevant to folk plays. All views and opinions will be accommodated. Thus, for instance, you find pages from New Pagans alongside material from born-again Christians. We reserve the right to provide warnings against relevant links in the unlikely event that we receive material that is racist, obscene or similarly offensive.


Personal details submitted to this section are at the contributor's risk. Performances should ideally be submitted using the special online "Submit your Performance" form.


We welcome contributions of old archival pictures to our photograph galleries. We also encourage suggestions for Home Page pictures, which may from external websites with due acknowledgements and hyperlinks.

See our Guidance for Contributors for more detailed information.


Personal details submitted to this section are at the contributor's risk. Research interests should ideally be submitted using the special online "Submit your Interests" form.


The collection of scripts is intended as a source of primary research data on traditional folk plays. Scripts are transcribed literatim from the original manuscripts or publications into a standard format, and should be independently proof-read for accuracy.

We will be pleased to receive electronic transcripts of suitable folk play texts. Files in Microsoft Word, HTML, XML, and ASCII text formats are preferred. If necessary, please contact the webmaster about the acceptability of other file formats.

Submitted transcripts should retain the spelling, capitalisation, etc of the original source, and you should be prepared to provide a paper copy of the original, if requested, for proof reading purposes. Your name shall be acknowledged as transcriber in the File History section of the script's web page.

For the moment, we are concentrating on building a database of the oldest available texts. However, many modern groups present their scripts on their own websites, and we actively encourage the submission of the details of such websites for inclusion in our Links section (see above).


Opinions and views expressed in items on this website are those of the individual contributors (named either as author or in the copyright declaration), and they are not necessarily those of the Webmaster, the Traditional Drama Research Group or the Morris Ring Folk Play Archive or their individual members.

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