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The Traditional Drama Research Group (TDRG) encourages research into all aspects of traditional drama. The TDRG is essentially an informal group of researchers in the British Isles, Europe and North America who have an academic interest in the history and performance of all forms of traditional drama. Whilst a unifying influence tends to be an interest in the British & Irish folk play or mumming-play tradition, individual studies have encompassed topics as diverse as shadow puppets, miracle plays, the social history of the Fool, the folk drama of Russia and of the several native and immigrant American communities.


When it was formed in 1980, the TDRG took over work started by the National Centre for English Cultural Tradition (NATCECT) [formerly, until 1997, the Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language (CECTAL); itself formed in 1975 from the Survey of Language and Folklore (SLF), which was formed in 1964] at the University of Sheffield, England.

The Group still has strong links to the Centre, where we helped in the formation of a folk play archive to encourage the study of traditional drama.

Together, we hold one day or weekend conferences from time-to-time and the proceedings of these conferences were published in a journal, Traditional Drama Studies (see online contents), by CECTAL. The proceedings of the 2002 conference were published in a book, Folk Drama Studies Today (now online), by the TDRG itself.

In the past, the TDRG published a newsletter, Roomer (see online contents and indexes), which has now been replaced by an online newsletter, Traditional Drama Forum.

At present, the TDRG also publishes this website, the Folk Play Research Home Page. See our Publications for sale.


We encourage contributions to both our newsletter and website. See our Website Policies & Submission Guidelines.


In January 2004, the TDRG was relaunched. The background is outlined in Traditional Drama Forum, No.9. See our Rules.

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